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The Tenant-the tenant (1976)

The Tenant-the tenant (1976)

by 03/12/2014
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Marianne Productions

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Le locataire


2 Hours and 6 Minutes (126 Min)


How could he escape from his nightmares?

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 Case: "The Tenant" attending a Polish immigrant who rents a decadent apartment in Paris. There, several bizarre events taking place in the new occupant sinking paranoia.

Roman Polanski & Isabelle Adjani

Roman Polanski & Isabelle Adjani

It is the third film of the "apartment trilogy" by master of psychological terror Roman Polanski. As in Repulsion (1965) and "Rosemary's Baby" (1968) so here the Gallopolwnos filmmaker tackles the topic of terrifying and paraisthisiakwn experiences of residents of flats in urban societies. Here indeed he himself undertakes the role of protagonist disguised as a humble Polish immigrant who moves to Paris, seeking apartment to stay.

I finally settled on a decadent unwelcoming blockhouse with even more inhospitable and disliked inhabitants. The apartment is not the most comfortable accommodation which is not even a toilet (!) renting a woman who previously attempted to commit suicide by jumping from the window under unclear circumstances. The new tenant is visiting her in the hospital but she can't say anything more than a chilling scream. After a few days of dying. The Pole that has already met her bestie (a charming Isabelle Adjani) developing even a fleeting love affair begins to experience strange experiences in his new apartment. First a tooth hidden in the wall hole, then odd sightings of people standing still on the other side of the building, and of course the embarrassing visits other tenants who upset him. Slowly, the protagonist is immersed into a world of mystery that evolves into paranoia. There really is a conspiracy of the other occupants to hurt him or the bizarre events are a product of his imagination?

Horror Trivia

"The Tenant" was considered one of the 10 tromaktikoteres movies in the history of world cinema from the French magazine horror genre "Mad Movies". Excesses? You will be the judge!

le locataire roman polanskiAs in the other two films in the trilogy, the Polanski builds a haunting and surreal atmosphere, permeated by abound while some, severe psychotic reactions and weird, particularly terrible characters. The gradual loss of mental calmness is a key theme of the film, and despite initial nervousness of the protagonist, Polanski raises then turns and gives an exquisite interpretation that will remember for long. The transition from the original peace on condition irreversible ornament becomes masterfully by the great Director/actor who explores the human psyche and the thin line between sanity and madness. In the haunting atmosphere contributes and the decadent building – the perfect place to shoot a film "isolation" and absolute despair. The hieroglyphs that discovers at some stage the protagonist give further mysticism in the case.

The last quarter of the movie lifts the hair banister through an incredibly frightening crescendo optasiwn and hard scenes. Only the somewhat slow pace and kanas-two xekarfwtoi characters (from the huge variety of characters that play on film) may be xenisoyn but the overall effect is excellent. Not looking to find rational answers in "The Tenant". Simply indulge in hallucinogenic world and experience a truly terrifying experience but to God … don't try this at home!!!

The Tenant

Movie Review Highlights

  • The chilling cry and the startled look (as seems at least through the bandages) of the previous tenant at the hospital. Very early the US Polanski freezes the blood.
  • The human figures standing immobile at the opposite end of the building and perplex the Polanski and the Viewer.
  • The terrifying scene that Polanski feels smothered by a tenant.
  • All the nightmarish last quarter is a monumental highlight difficult to erase from our memory.

 le locataire 1976 o enoikos 1976 the tenant 1976


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Magnificent direction with intense atmosphere, paranoia and despair. Interesting variety of characters, several eerie scenes, masterful combination of terror and tragedy, great interpretation by Polanski.


Cold start of the protagonist but gets better very soon without major losses.

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Superb sample of psychological terror and one of the best works of Roman Polanski in the horror field.

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