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The Taking of Deborah Logan-within the body of Deborah Logan (2014)

The Taking of Deborah Logan-within the body of Deborah Logan (2014)

Something that begins as a medical documentary about Deborah Logan's fight with Alzheimer's disease as well as for the fight that makes her daughter to the care of, evolving into an outrageous display of dementia as terrifying events begin to plague the family and crew.

Adam Robitel


Jeff Rice, Bryan Singer


Gavin Heffernan, Adam Robitel


Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang, Ryan Cutrona


Haim Mazar

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Bad Hat Harry Productions, Casadelic Pictures, Jeff Rice Films


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)








In recent years numerous films about spirits, demons and exorcisms have gone through our screens, which created a glut in kind and in conjunction with the chilioftiagmeno found footage, causing a stereotypical reaction to any such effort. Nevertheless, "The Taking of Deborah Logan" uses a terrible disease-scourge of the modern age, so it gives a human side to the movie you can't find easily.

The cast is A medical student, and her crew consisting of two people, and is looking for a patient suffering from Alzheimer, which finds in the person of Deborah Logan, a nice middle-aged woman showing the first symptoms of the disease. With her, we know and her daughter Sarah passes it difficult but her love for her mother, gives courage to deal with the whole situation. As Deborah increasingly immersed in the paranoia of the disease, several unexplained events begin to occur, events that demonstrate that the situation not only blame Deborah's illness. Events from the past and supernatural forces reveal whats about Deborah Logan.

Horror Trivia

The film was screened for critics and on DVD there's special feature ' The Making of The Taking of Deborah Logan ".

The selected a woman who suffers from Alzheimer for protagonist is smart enough, because usually the spirits do squat in the bodies of those with weak mind. The actor who played the pathoysa, gives an unexpectedly convincing interpretation, we could say that gives them all to make the audience feel an inconvenient and creepy terror.

There are moments in the movie that is really terrifying and horrifying. Generally, the realistic terror emanating from the disease and its symptoms in conjunction with the supernatural element, create a mixture that enchant on the seat. Unfortunately this is not true for the third act of the film, as things are turning to the outrageous and absurd, and unfortunately blown no escapes the clichés and nonsense, which significantly degrades what built the Director in the previous two operations.

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Movie Review Highlights
  • How Deborah affected by illness and all events at home.
  • The scene at the House that Sarah and crew are trying to break the spell.
  • The scene in the cave that will keep you awake.


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Very good performances, interesting plot, some scenes you freeze the blood.


Despite her kind, don't avoid clichés.

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If anyone wants a film that gives a different flavor in a recipe chiliodokimasmeni, then the "The Taking of Deborah Logan" does not disappoint. Has the ambient climate, few moments of anguish will shake you.

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