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The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh-dangerous people (1971)

The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh-dangerous people (1971)

The wife of a prominent man, which maintains links with someone at the same time, not having also collapsed from an earlier erotic adventure, suspects that one of those men in her life, is a psychopathic murderer, and the victims were not unconnected with them all.

Sergio Martino


Antonio Crescenzi, Luciano Martino


Vittorio Caronia, Ernesto Gastaldi, Eduardo Manzanos Brochero


Eduardo Manzanos Brochero


George Hilton, Edwige Fenech, Conchita Airoldi, Manuel Gil, Carlo Alighiero, Ivan Rassimov


Nora Orlandi

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Copercines, Cooperativa Cinematográfica, Devon Film, Laurie International, MLR

Γνωστή και ως

Blade of the Ripper, Next!, The Next Victim, Ο Αμαρτωλός Κύκλος των Εκβιαστών

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Lo strano vizio della Signora Wardh


1 Hour and 38 Minutes (98 Minutes)


Italy, Spain


Italian, English (dub)


Heaven help whoever is ... "Next!"




This is another film by Sergio Martino, of the best, in my opinion, with the twin Hilton – Fenech in action and inextricably linked with the other two, "Tutti I colori del buio" and "Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave ' or ' the extensive All colors of the dark" and "Your vice is a locked room and only I have the key" , respectively.

As in the other two, the protagonist, the unlikely and wonderful Fenech, lives in this baffling her life between the legitimate husband and lover, and while there is always the usual suspect from the past that haunts the dreams but even worse, the reality of …

Horror Trivia

The film underwent censorship in Britain where it was screened in British cinema in the year of its release. It was eventually released on DVD in non-censored version in 2011.

Especially in this trilogy, one might say, of Martino, the atmosphere is pervasive, the beautiful interpretations, atmospheric and enchanting music and bare of Fenech. For anyone who deals with giallo films, I believe must specific movies of Martino, from every point of view! The faithful arrive and are looking for the atmosphere of mystery and horror films, don't procrastinate!

edwige fenech

Let me tell you!

The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh

Movie Review Highlights
  • The nudity of Fenech in the first minutes of the movie in the bathroom, in bottles for the agony that follows.
  • The appointment of young, blonde woman in the Park every time with the killer.
  • Fenech hunting in beautiful rural setting and all the last minute, which abound by successive reversals.


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1. very nice locations.
2. Atmospheric music that regulates vital points of the film.
3. Good actors together with the beauties that parade from the movie.


As in several giallo, there are signs with dialogues that are not needed and very much, but this is certainly enough to crumple the plot and the whole atmosphere of the film.

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Find out with this film and the other two you mention in the beginning of my criticism, which compose an informal trilogy of Martino and enjoy some quality horror Italian hours..!

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