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Stage Fright (2014)

Stage Fright (2014)

by 22/04/2014
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Serendipity Point Films, XYZ Films, Citizen Jones


1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)


Sing Your Heart Out!


 Case: In "Stage Fright" watch the lethal outbreak of a paranoid maskoforoy in a music camp.

Musical and terror? Why not? Often not the particular combination but having in mind the need for freshness that has the horror cinema, then projects like the Canadian ' Stage Fright ' can only be welcome. Also experience with musical direction quite distinguished horror movies like the classic "Little Shop of Horrors" (1986) encourages us to seek such eccentric film combinations.

"Stage Fright" focuses on a young Camilla who works in music camp man who grew up after the brutal murder of her mother in the dressing room of a musical theater before 10 years. The Camilla learns at some point that the camp is going to climb the "Phantom of the Opera" in music performance and tries to pray all earned the position of protagonist through anticipated audition. At the same time a masked maniac who hates his theatrical music begins to brutally murdering several members of music camp setting and our heroine in grave danger. Who and with what motivation lies behind the mask of bloodthirsty killer?

The image of "Stage Fright" reminded me somewhat of the "Opera" by Dario Argento. On the one hand the musicality of the other bloody killing indicate a possible influence from the classic horror film of the Italian master of giallo adapted to modern aesthetics of modern horror cinema. The inaugural juicy murder of mother of our protagonist warns of the danger of "Stage Fright" which is confirmed by a number of very violent and visualized in detail of murders that would follow. In between there are the musical parts that define an original climate cheer but also irony that shows ties well with the bloody image of the film.

Horror Trivia

The shooting of "Stage Fright" made in Ontario, Canada.

In other words the satisfactory mix of music and slasher elements is the recipe for success of "Stage Fright" that combined with the character's whodunit, make watching interesting and fun. However, the film fails to impress as the incomplete development of many characters and the General failure of the protagonists hold the coveted takeoff. So the protagonist Allie MacDonald (House at the End of the Street) and the Meat Loaf in the role of "protector" does not seem to be in their best and not ever enter virtually to the climate of the film. Some backsliding in noticeably perhaps slow plot along with the cliches of slasher who sometimes come across negatively racialized "Stage Fright" but fortunately not catastrophically.

The subversive finale adds some points even in the movie and somewhere here we arrive at our final verdict. The experiment which attempted credits of "Stage Fright" is considered generally successful. In chronically lack inspiration horror scene, jobs like this is definitely ektimitees. But more attention is needed on editing those specific details that make a horror movie to jump from the level of ' interesting ' or simply ' good ' in this "impressive". In "Stage Fright" these important details are not administered with due care and as a result the fateful stay in first level.

Stage Fright

Movie Highlights

  • The sensational murder in the beginning where the stab wounds kataxeskizoyn neck and mouth of a victim.
  • A creepy foot amputation.
  • Another juicy murder with circular saw for the finale.

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Stage Fright (2014)
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Very cruel murder scenes, original musical parts that give freshness in the film, being the mystery about the identity of the murderer, subversive hem.


Slow, sporadic defects scenario, show some cliché slasher's idiom, incomplete development of many characters.

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Entertaining horror film with air of originality and detailed scenes of violence.

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