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The Spiral Staircase-Dumb Lust (1945)

The Spiral Staircase-Dumb Lust (1945)

by 18/01/2016
"The Spiral Staircase" takes us on a provincial town in New England, USA where a serial killer kills women with various disabilities. A young mute inmate girl who works at the home of a wealthy family is going to become the next victim.

Robert Siodmak


Dore Schary


Mel Dinelli


Ethel Lina White


Dorothy McGuire, Kent Smith, Ethel Barrymore, George Brent, Gordon Oliver, Rhonda Fleming, Elsa Lanchester, Sara Allgood, Rhys Williams, James Bell


Roy Webb

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Dore Schary Productions, RKO Radio Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Some Must Watch


1 Hour and 23 Minutes (83 Minutes)








From the depths of time comes this great master of movie thrillers and film noir, Robert Siodmak (Phantom Lady, The Killers). Although usually ' The Spiral Staircase "falls in the category of" thriller/mystery ' very easily could jump and on terror since it has not a few scary elements that disrupt the Viewer. The film is based on the police novel "Some Must Watch" (1933) by Ethel Lina White in the book which had been built and the maximum Alfred Hitchcock for the classic film kataskopiki of "the Disappearance of Lady" (1938).

The events are taking place somewhere in the early 20th century. Heroine is a beautiful mute inmate girl who lost her speech when very old saw her parents die in a fire. The girl stays in a prosperous family mansion where he works, in particular helping the sick mother of the family. At home still inhabit the two adults sons, a Secretary, a nurse, a housekeeper with weakness in alcohol and her husband who takes mostly manual jobs. Oh, not to forget the plump Bulldog who enjoys the caresses of the inhabitants …

Under acts a paranoid who murders women with physical disabilities. One rainy evening, the bedridden mother senses that the family's beloved Assistant is in danger and tries to convince her to leave the House. The mute inmate girl seems to be convinced but some practical difficulties delayed her departure. What should IE for the mysterious killer who wanders in the dark places of the House ready for the next hit …

Horror Trivia

The close-ups in the eyes of the killer actually depict the eyes of the Director of the film, Robert Siodmak.

"The Spiral Staircase" is a super thriller with mystery, suspense, stately atmosphere and excellent direction. Ornate downloads such as those on the premises of cold House and the agriemena eyes of killer cause genuine shivers even today. The isolation of the home, the incessant rain that hits, voiced lightning, the black-and-white photo, are elements that contribute to the consolidation of truly terrible climate. But what scares me more is the tenuous nature of the protagonist. Being mute inmate unable to speak aloud the dread he feels over the disfiguring facial expressions.

It is worth noting that the "The Spiral Staircase" has experienced two inferior remakes, one in 1975 and another in 2000. However if you need to see someone, prefer it here in 1945. Non-confusing the ancient date. This is a movie that withstand the test of time and deserves more recognition in circles of friends of good, psychological terror.

The Spiral Staircase

Movie Review Highlights
  • The opening murder in the dressing room of a girl koytsis.
  • The gruesome close-ups in the eyes of the murderer.
  • The agonizing scene the heroine tries to reach the door of the House at a time when a shadowy figure attempts to reach hidden.
  • The painful and heartbreaking scene where the protagonist mute inmate tries to notify the police inspector window.


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Dark, claustrophobic and menacing atmosphere, very good performances, powerful script, intelligent camera shots inside and outside the home.


The small range of suspects for the identity of the murderer.

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Classic psychological thriller of 40s with intense atmosphere that captivates. Don't ever exceeded by no remake.

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