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Sleep Tight-the Doorman (2011)

Sleep Tight-the Doorman (2011)

by 30/01/2015
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Bed Time
Κοιμήσου ήσυχα

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Mientras Duermes


1 Hour and 42 Minute (102 Minutes)


Someone Is Watching Over You




The theme of the man next door who "is not he who looks ' second hiding dark identity is not new to the scene of the horror/thriller. But it is not the most chiliopaigmeno and certainly when offered through high-level and excellent films like Spanish "Sleep Tight" (Mientras Duermes) we can only welcome the effort. That is exactly what we ought to do for another awful film that gives us the Director of the first two "Rec" Jaume Balagueró.
Belonging to the tidal wave of dynamic horror films who has unleashed the constant qualitative Spain in recent years, the "Sleep Tight" or "Janitor" as it has been released in our country (with undue delay) penetrates deep into human psychology shaking some undesirable for social moral behaviors along with a variety of forbidden emotions and difficult situations. Voyeurism, with malice, jealousy, depression and painful effect of loneliness serve as solid materials of nightmarish edifice that builds the Jaume Balagueró.

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Horror Trivia

"Sleep Tight" is the first film after the "Fragile" (2005) that the Jaume Balagueró directs himself.

The building and the apartment of Clara becomes the main event place of unhealthy patterns of Cesar. The seemingly peaceable janitor taking out the hopeless clusters brings chaos in the life of the unfortunate girl holding secret-at least-the duplicity. Minor characters such as the daring chick who blackmails the doorman and the high-strung employer that wants to expel him make things even more interesting in this really perverted history. The ultimate explosion will happen when in the apartment of Clara be installed temporarily the erotic Companion's forcing Porter to adopt more drastic ' measures '.

A few times the movie changes scope taking us to the Hospital where he spends the last days of the helpless elderly Porter's mother. The monologues of Cesar to the hapless mother is staggering and could definitely give little time above to clarify the relationship of mother and son.
In short, the "Sleep Tight" is a superb psychological thriller with indisputable protagonist antihero Cesar. A masterfully written character tightrope between drama and personal endomychoy of mochthiris behavior. A rare filmic persona that evokes both horror and sympathy.

Sleep Tight

Movie Review Highlights

  • The incredibly suspenseful sequences that the doorman tries to escape from her home this time Clara and her boyfriend flirting in the spaces of the House.
  • The bloody Tet-a-Tet Porter's with her friend Clara.
  • The shocking scene that the doorman crushes psychologically an occupant who lives alone with two dogs.
  • The dramatic finale.


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A monumental performance by the antihero-Porter, well-written script, interesting characters, robust and imaginative direction, excellent outline of Porter's psychology, some scenes where the distress reaches a rocketing.


After a few conveniences and imperfections. Also 1-2 characters from the building could be exploited more time but most ingenious (e.g. the lonely Lady with the dogs).

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