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Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

by 05/08/2013
"Silent Night, Deadly Night" presents the carnage that causes a psychologically disturbed young man dressed as Santa Claus during Christmas.

Charles Sellier


Ira Richard Barmak, Scott J. Schneid, Dennis Whitehead


Michael Hickey


Paul Caimi


Robert Brian Wilson, Lilyan Chauvin, Gilmer McCormick, Toni Nero, Linnea Quigley


Perry Botkin

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

TriStar Pictures, Slayride

Γνωστή και ως



1 Hour and 19 Minutes (79 minutes)






Santa's Here!



Box Office


Body Count





In glorious times of the slasher was a film that stood out from that phylum not because of any technical superiority, but because of the sexy host of topic. Really how many times have you seen Santa Claus slaughterer? Probably not many. Well in ' DeadlyNight ' SilentNight 1984 nice plumper form of folklore of Christmas is transformed into a psychopathic killer who tarnishes the festive spirit with the murderous of crescendo.

In "Silent Night Deadly Night", the killer Santa Claus embodied by a new dekaochtachrono who grew up an orphanage under the strict supervision of the Abbot and Director of the Foundation. The unlucky Billy lost his parents in childhood to a tragic event. A criminal dressed Santa Claus murdered his parents in front of Christmas day. The kid escaped but the shock had to accompany him throughout his life resulting in a permanent phobia for the figure of Santa Claus. Were strict punishments of the obnoxious Abbess at the orphanage for ptaismatakia, e doesn't want much to turn the mind at the age of 18. At this age the Billypairnei discharged and working in a nearby toy store. At first everything seems to flow smoothly with the orphan new fits perfectly in the new environment. But when they arrive at Christmas and the Administration decides to dress him Santa Claus to pleasing the kids shop, Billy loses his mental balance, the old traumatic shock overpowers him and now is preparing to distribute no gifts as would a normal Santa Claus, but … death in a variety of ways. Tsekoyries, stab wounds, straggalismoi with wire Christmas light, throwing victims from Windows even arc shots included in murder of menu. One of the most sensitive nuns of the orphanage where he grew up trying to find it with the help of the police knowing that the natural progression of things is the return of the Billysto orphanage housing many unprotected children …

Horror Trivia

In the early days the visibility of Night Silent Night ' Deadly ' in American theaters, crowds of furious families besieged cinemas where it was played by asking immigrants to sign applications for its withdrawal. Eventually due to the sharp criticism that he accepted but also of the intense pressures the production managers withdrew the film after two weeks. Feature is that on the weekend that started the screening of surpassed in proceeds the now legendary "A Nightmare On Elm Street" by Wes Craven which premiered the same weekend.

Ok, definitely the ' Silent Night Deadly Night "has some scenario-bangs from the very start that the grandfather of little Billy ceases for awhile to be plant just to scare the unsuspected's grandson. Paradoxically, however, such bangs prospernioyntai easily without damage to the project stream fun. The murder is not among the bloodiest we've seen (with some exceptions) are however many numerically satisfying his friends slasher. The snowy Christmas landscape and the main idea for the imagetoy killer is all the money here and they acquire cultaxia film. The plot unfolds predictably though I don't think expect special surprises. In the film plus the brief participation of Linnea Quigley is always hot, one of my favorite scream queen of horror together whose Tet a Tet with the Slayer is unforgettable. The panic caused by the "Silent Night Deadly Night" at conservative audiences and critics that the buried is one more reason to praise! XE XE …


Silent Night Deadly Night


  1. A creepy disembowel inside the jubilant toy barn.
  2. An atrocious murder victim pinned on the horns taricheymenis antelope.
  3. A violent decapitation on a sled.
  4. The dialogue of coated Santa Claus Billy with an unsuspecting girl who thinks that Santa Claus is actually in front of him! Inspirational scene with anxiety about what will happen to the girl!


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Διαβάθμιση Gore:
5 = Ατελείωτο λουτρό αίματος - 4 = Πολύ αιματοβαμμένο - 3 = Αιματοβαμμένο - 2 = Ελάχιστα αιματοβαμμένο - 1 = Σταγόνες αίματος - 0 = Ανυπαρξία αίματος

Διαβάθμιση Βαθμολογίας:
5 = Αριστουργηματικό! - 4 = Πολύ καλό - 3 = Καλό - 2,5 = Μέτριο - 2 = Κακό - 1 = Πολύ κακό - 0 = Δεν βλέπεται με τίποτα!


Original clothing of the murderer, killing numerous, amusing scream queen Linnea attendance of Quigley.


Some scenario-bangs and platitudes.

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Slasher remarkable from the golden era of the 80s with special Christmas identity. Recommended for the feasts of Christmas where it can provide larger jazz.

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