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Shaun Of The Dead-The Scraping of the dead (2004)

Shaun Of The Dead-The Scraping of the dead (2004)

by 30/09/2015
"Shaun Of The Dead" focuses on the adventure of recently separated young Englishman named Shaun, who with the help of his sidekick Ed friend, tries to win back his sweetheart, to reconcile with his mother and at the same time they are trying to survive the zombie attack in their city!

Edgar Wright


Nira Park


Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg


Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran, Penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy


Pete Woodhead, Daniel Mudford

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

StudioCanal, Working Title, Big Talk Productions


1 Hour and 39 Minutes (99 Minutes)


France, United Kingdom, USA




It's just one of those days when you're feeling a little...dead.
Buy Milk. Ring Mum. Dodge Zombies.
In a time of crisis a hero must rise...from his sofa.



Box Office





This crazy zombie-comedy adventure managed very quickly to become a cult horror film of the modern era and at the same time to the subject of inspiration and copying movies impregnating envy many similar commercial success. The reason for the unlikely "Shaun Of The Dead" by Edgar Wright who made the big blast in the spring of 2004 in his native Britain and the autumn of the same year in the rest of the world.

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The affair has something original to show. But the "Shaun Of The Dead" or "The Scratching of the dead" as we met in our country managed to go down in history thanks to special English culture that the framing and to the kalogrammenoys protagonists. Items such as special English humour and the London pub enrich this decidedly zompotainia that under different circumstances would have seemed too mundane.

Shaun is the main character, a normal Englishman who experiences sexual frustration as his beloved does not want to be with him anymore. And while Shaun seeks solace in the company of Asia, rempelou Ed's friend, the town is sacked by terrifying zombies who seek human flesh. In this unprecedented mess the Shaun with his friend trying to survive but at the same time undertake other activities such as the rescue of the girl and the mother of Shaun from the threat of zombies. All of them will end up in a pub with a few more people and will give an uneven struggle for survival, with ceaseless humor but also emotional as the developments are not so pleasant …

Horror Trivia

The great Quentin Tarantino placed "Shaun Of The Dead" in the top 20 films released since 1992.

Apart from few indifferent scenario ideas as well as simplistic and "whatsoever to ' yes ' finale," Shaun Of The Dead "is a contemporary horror comic brilliance of zombie class. It has terrific actors, hilarious dialogue, frenetic pace that keeps in Chita and most still nice ideas that excite me. Smart camera shots like the continuous shooting of actor the time visiting the local mini market consciously ignoring the threat of zombies that surround him are monumental and probably say more than they seem!

Friends of zombies and especially comedy style with which plasarontai very often in recent years the nekrozwntantoi, must not lose in any case of this wonderful film. There are historical reasons that make viewing the necessary as the influence of "Shaun Of The Dead" in subsequent famous zompokwmwdies such as "Zombieland" (2009), "Doghouse" (2009) and "Cockneys Vs Zombies" (2012) is evident. Also note that production took place in the legendary Ealing Studios ...

Shaun Of The Dead

Movie Review Highlights
  • The delightful scene that the Ed outlines with ornate humor the regulars of the local pub.
  • The consecutive shooting with the Shaun walking indifferent ignoring zombies marching beside him.
  • The hilarious scene in which the two friends choose which drives you in eksfendonisoyn zombies!
  • The funniest scene in the finale where the cult for the video games surpasses all limits!


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Successful English humor, quick pace, well made characters, nice special effects, many scenes anthology they laugh and not only, some really intelligent camera shots.


After a few conveniences and imperfections to scattered plot points. The Clipboard finale that looks very weak compared to the rest of the movie, although filodwrei us with an inspirational comedic scene towards the end.

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Wonderful comedy with zombies with significant heritage and great influence in the shaping of modern horror comedies power with zombies.

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