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Shadow Of The Vampire-in the shadow of the Vampire (2000)

Shadow Of The Vampire-in the shadow of the Vampire (2000)

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Saturn Films, Long Shot Pictures, BBC Films, Delux Productions, Luxembourg Film Fund, Pilgrim Films Ltd.

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Burned to Light


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)


An Unspeakable Horror. A Creative Genius. Captured For Eternity.



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 Plot: in the "Shadow Of The Vampire ' Director Friedrich Wilhelm Mornau (John Malkovich) begins the filming of Nosferatu. But the actor Max Schreck (William Dafoe) takes very seriously its role and begin to happen several unexplained and strange events in shooting.

What we have here? John Malkovich and Dafoe William join forces and the result is simply flawless. Having those two in the leading roles, do not expect anything less from the absolute paranoia and excellent performances. The Malkovich played the well-known Director Mornau attributing the persistence of the Director to shoot a film that will leave time and will refer to all. His aura, his gaze, gestures, give the role the correct dimension, paranoia and the extremity to which reaches the filmmaker for the sake of art and of eternity. The way to philosophize filoi leaves with his mouth open. Immersed in his role and is completely convincing. Has interpreted inexperienced roles with tremendous success, but for me he is the best.

On the other hand we have a perfectly creepy, scary and convincing William Dafoe in the role of Max Schreck, the vampire of the film. His encounter with the Director for the fulfilment of the promise of the second as the first to be riveting. Each man tries to acquire by any means what he wants but the bad is that one depends on the other. So we see two strong characters to clash and eventually bend everyone against each other for his own reasons. I don't know if there is a winner or loser. This judge everyone by himself. In my opinion both lost something.

Horror Trivia

The film is based on the rumor that Max Schreck was a zombie and hence both convincing and brilliant in the role of Nosferatu. Some say that the Nosferatu was the only movie that played the Schreck. Of course none of this applies as Schreck was already known actor of theatre and cinema before the filming of Nosferatu. Indeed, he played in several non-bampirikoys roles until his death in 1936.

Let's go though in Dafoe's interpretation that it couldn't be anything less than amazing. Want talent, you want the appearance of that Yes, there is nice, u want impeccable makeup, turns out to be an incredibly scary Nosferatu. At some points it also sad, especially when referring to loneliness, but in most of the hate. Bloodthirsty, doesn't hide his thirst for blood and do everything to appease. In a nutshell, is simply sensational.

Nice script, the movie evokes more very biography, dark atmosphere and scenery, the evolution and the duration does not tire, excellent soundtrack. Good performances from the other actors but dwarfed by the leading duo.

Shadow Of The Vampire

Movie Highlights

  • Max Schreck's appearance for the first time.
  • The devouring of a bat by Dafoe.
  • The disagreement in scene the Director's Lair with the protagonist.

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Excellent movie, with Dafoe Malkovich – to tantalise. Lovers of movies with vampires will not be disappointed.

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