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Scream Of Fear-A Cry in the night (1961)

Scream Of Fear-A Cry in the night (1961)

by 04/10/2015
"Scream of Fear" revolves around the return of a young woman in her father's House and the bizarre events that take place there. The most macabre is the mysterious sightings of her father's corpse in the House ...

Seth Holt


Jimmy Sangster, Michael Carreras


Jimmy Sangster


Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd, Christopher Lee


Clifton Parker

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Hammer Film Productions

Γνωστή και ως

Taste of Fear


1 Hour and 18 Minutes (78 Minutes)


United Kingdom




For maximum thrill . . . we earnestly urge you to see this motion picture from the start!

Box Office

$800.000 (Ευρώπη)




The ergaki this regiment undoubtedly the best psychological thrillers of Hammer Films and this is probably one of the nicest thriller with the top second Christopher Lee role. The concentration of a great staff cast, well-written, with minimal imperfections scenario, the black and white photo and the convincing atmosphere immediately make an impression of all who delight in the delicate, old-school terror kalopaigmeno.

In the early 60 's, so the Scream of Fear (also known as "Taste of Fear in the U.S.) tells the dramatic visit of a young woman in her father's House which had visited 10 years. The woman is confined to a wheelchair which makes moving and makes it more vulnerable to the threats that are going to meet there. From the beginning it seems that something is amiss in her family. Initially informed that her father absent for jobs away. Then the hostess who has married her father did not seem at all nice like her father's doctor who wont be visiting the House. However, the most important problem is the unexpected sightings of the dead corpse of her father in various positions in the night House! And while all the assurances that her father is alive, the heroine remains distrustful and believes that something else, very strange going on behind her back. Are all products of her imagination or does anyone exyfainei an evil plan to the detriment of young woman?

Horror Trivia

Christopher Lee himself reportedly said that the "Scream of Fear" was the best movie of the Hammer while wove and the praises of Director Seth Holt considering him as one of the best directors of British cinema.

Case definitely attractive. But the film as a whole is enjoyable. "Scream of Fear" enters the field of mystery and bizarre events without much delay. The appearances of the dead (;) father at home are the main attraction of terror that in combination with the sparaktikes protagonist's reactions causing intense chills and suspense. In the last quarter the suspenseful climaxes and ingenious reversal leaves us with his mouth wide open. All the actors are in great form, and despite the "pitched" participation of Christopher Lee in the role of the family doctor, the film seems almost complete. Few minor flaws in the script cannot spoil the excellent work that has been done on multiple levels. Genuine British terror from the old! Don't miss it!

Scream Of Fear

Movie Review Highlights
  • The sightings of the "corpse" of the father of the heroine in several parts of the House. Truly frightening scenes!
  • The ingenious reversal of finale that elevates the "Scream of Fear".


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Notable actors, chilling atmosphere, frightening scenes, cleverly subversive way.


A few defective spots in the script.

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Wonderful psychological horror film. From the good moments of Hammer Films. Recommended mostly to friends of old, atmospheric terror.

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