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Salem's Lot (1979)

Salem's Lot (1979)

In "Lot" Salem's vampires do RAID in a small New England town of the Northeastern USA. Facing them, a writer and a boy.

Tobe Hooper


Paul Monash


David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres

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Warner Bros. Television

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Blood Thirst
Salem's Lot: The Miniseries
Salem's Lot: The Movie


1 Hour and 52 Minutes (112 Minutes)






The ultimate in terror!






What to say about the stories of a single Stephen King? All immersive, full of terror and suspense, every scene occurs with great eloquence. The ' Salem's ' Lot is the second book of the King. The script was written for television by Paul Monach and directed by Tobe Hooper. Both follow the atmosphere of the book in quite satisfactorily, something that doesn't happen often and with other King books that became movies.

A writer returns to his homeland after many years of absence, to write his new book which concerns a haunted house in town. In parallel, the city make their appearance two cosmopolitans antique dealers, Barlow and Straker, where to set up their business. However, only one of them appears in public while the other's presence is covered by a veil of mystery and never appears. And like this start to happen strange things in the city. Disappearances of young children, acute and wrongful deaths.

I'm not going to reveal something above and to spoil the surprises hidden in the ' Salem's ' Lot. The film also features a "draught". The whole atmosphere of terror oozes, but without showing something scary, at least in most of the film. The actors are excellent in their roles. Without exaggeration, without much much. The Director, within a three-hour, gradually unravels the plot of the work, giving us tonic injections horror, but also relaxing in the appropriate places.

Horror Trivia

Proposal had been made in George Romero to direct the movie but after viewing John Badham film, Dracula (1979) and Werner Herzog, Nosferatu, Dracula (1979), the Warner Bros decided to make the movie mini TV series. The Romero resigned, as the restrictions of television does not allow him to direct the movie the way he wanted.

The part which filmed the "Lot" Salem's, occult, horror, seclusion, privacy and all this gives something extra to the whole atmosphere of the work. As in all his works, King could not miss the reference to religion and faith of the man and whether or not this is true. Concepts such as love, friendship, help of man towards his fellow man, religion, power, infidelity, all shot down within three hours of filmed inside a small, closed society where seemingly everything is going well.

Salem's Lot

Movie Highlights

  • The revelation of the identity of Barlow and the appearance of the town's inhabitants.
  • The swinging scene of vampire in the window.


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The atmosphere that exists throughout the course of the film, the fast evolution of the plot without doing the belly, the development of character, sudden fright scenes out of nowhere and a Barlow surprise!


The infrequent occurrence of Barlow. Although it is not necessarily negative. Sometimes, less is more!

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Remarkable metaphor of a book about tv. Very good movie with appropriate doses of terror.

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