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For Sale By Owner-Visitor From Nowhere (2005)

For Sale By Owner-Visitor From Nowhere (2005)

by 30/03/2015
During a brocheris night a woman puts her house two unknown men with strange behaviour. At the same time the news warn of an insane killer who circulates in the area with wild moods. The oikodespotria done correctly?

Pritesh Chheda


Pritesh Chheda


Pritesh Chheda


Amanda Brown, John Lansch, Marc Hustvedt, Trant Batey, Rachel Robertson, Andy Wilson, Michael Morlan, Eric De Los Santos, Steve Wright, Herman Whitney, Ian Christopher Blake, Adam Creighton


Ari Koinuma

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Chheda Films

Γνωστή και ως

13teen / Th13teen


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)






Be Careful Who You Let In...






Can view or listen to commentators to bury this low budget, obscure production but for a strange reason can exert a powerful attraction, especially if you are a bit open minded or get loose. The reason for burying is mainly due to the seemingly amateurish acting and filmmaking but I am not at all convinced that this image was shaped not so deliberately to create a pleasant atmosphere, jazz paranoia and decline (in a good way). Let us come now to this

A psychopath killer is "at work" in the American city of Emeryville charting the number 13 on the chest of his victims. During a severe storm night a lone woman resident of the city, hosts at the home of a real-estate salesman and a security company technician to repair an injury. The meeting of three people seems episodic with dramatic surprises as the killer could circulate among them …

All three characters are what we call one another. We are the lonely hostess with the staring, mired in delusions. The seller's gematoyli with Moody behavior, the obvious psychological problems due to the risk of losing custody of his daughter and with his eye to frighteningly polishes. Third in the list of young technical security with strong adherence to religion, the fluency passages of the Bible and the apparent desire to save the world from its sins.

Horror Trivia

The film is also known with the title ' Th13teen ' in Great Britain.

It is a combination fire! Inside the House, highlight scenes unfold with problem characters to verify their opinions without of course agree. Although there are some misguided or crass one-liners and klisarismenes reactions at intervals talk raises level when e.g. an unexpected visit line pops out of nowhere surprising viewers, to rejoin the events in known climate rot immediately after. Inevitably pops up quickly an atmosphere of suspicion because of her eccentric character cocktails but also of the news for the manic soylatsarei in the area. A suspicion amplified as they pass the minutes. The inspired final revelations leave an unexpected smile to those who did not take the film too seriously. So I prefer to keep my smile and general entertainment offered me track "For Sale By Owner".

It is from the thrilerakia offered for fun Saturday evening with snacks, junk food and sodas or other beverages pleasantly. A fun is enhanced by the placing to guess whether there is or who is the Slayer. To God but don't expect serious movie with high-profile directorial custody because he will bury as many do.

For Sale By Owner

Movie Review Highlights
  • The haunting hallucinations of hostess forming instant psychological tromares, certainly welcome for the style of the film.
  • The brilliant and hilarious revelation of the murderer. It is basically the essence of this low budget film.


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Delightful mystery about the identity of the murderer, paranoid atmosphere, some very smart and filosofimenes lines, dramatically unexpected developments.


Mediocre acting, some inane dialogs, psiloerasitechniki Director.

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Unexpectedly entertaining film horror-mystery with some obvious weaknesses but also nice surprises.

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