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The Sacrament-the Devil's Paradise (2013)

The Sacrament-the Devil's Paradise (2013)

by 16/12/2014
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Worldview Entertainment, Arcade Pictures


1 Hour and 35 Minutes (95 Minutes)


Live as one. Die as one.



Box Office

$9.221 (έως 20/09/2014)


 Plot: In The ' Sacrament ' three men traveling in an isolated religious community facilities in the jungle and film the daily routines of for informational purposes. But soon find that what initially seemed paradise has a very dark side … 

The Ti West may badly started his career as a filmmaker but recent years notes upward and this can only be welcomed as friends of terror. With the amazing "The House of the Devil" (2009), the Nice "The Innkeepers" (2011) and the valuable contribution of the horror anthology "V/H/S" (2012) the American Cinematographer yells this dynamically and shows more ready than ever to offer new quality jobs terror.

It is interesting that the searched Ti West is inspired by shocking events of the most recent history and transforms into dynamic film terror with high shock value. For example, we saw how to exploit The was "House of the Devil" the historically recorded panic with alleged Satanic rituals that dominated u.s. society in the 1980s. In "The Sacrament" deals – without of course refers to names – with the tragic case of mass suicide-Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978 where dozens of members of the sect who created the Jim Jones committed suicide with poison en masse when their leader convinced them that the end is near. Others who did not wish to kill themselves were killed by the guards where the sect. Fortunately, there were some survivors to recount the horrifying moments experienced in Jonestown.

Horror Trivia

The film participated with subroles two former Harlem Globetrotters basketball players historians. We must not forget also the participation of gifted Eli Roth.

The movie is filmed mostly with found footage technique. The choice turns out to be successful, giving the necessary realism in "The Sacrament". From the entrance of the protagonists on the premises of a religious community the Director builds perfectly an atmosphere of concern that evolves into an incredible intensity crescendo of terror and shock. Actually there are dramatic moments like the extended sequences of mass suicide which freezes the blood with the raw realism depicted. The actors give very good performances. The dialogues are kalogrammenoi and meaningful existence.

Generally most seem to work "clock" and if the expected were, fortunately few, scenario-excesses, we were talking about an almost masterly horror film. Even with the existing picture of the course "The Sacrament" easily convinces the discerning viewer diatympanizontas that is an audacious movie that does "discounts". And the figure of the leader of the sect will be unforgettable. The Gene Jones (No country for old men) gave terrible interpretation here. With the heavy and relentless style is the undisputed protagonist of the work. No need to say more. Check the movie now and fresh.

The Sacrament

Movie Review Highlights

  • The interview with the leader of the sect at night. Although it presents something overtly scary, creates a concern that can get nasty twist.
  • The shocking sequences of mass suicide. So embarrassing spectacle with many involved rare we see in film.
  • A self-immolation that also is breathtaking!
  • The shocking killing of a child by his own mother to "escape" from a worse fate.

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Interesting case, successful use of found footage technique, excellent performances, shocking scenes given by brutality and terrible plausibility, the towering personality of the leader of the sect.


Minimum excesses and conveniences in the scenario. Also we meet 2-3 times when the footage shows no method found realistic.

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One of the most pleasant surprises of recent years in the scene of horror. The Ti West was able to perform with shocking realism, one of the most tragic true stories sects of modern era.

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