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The Ruins-the ruins (2008)

The Ruins-the ruins (2008)

by 24/07/2014
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DreamWorks SKG, Spyglass Entertainment, Red Hour Films, Internationale Filmproduktion Prometheus, Pacific Film and Television Commission


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)


Terror has evolved.



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 Case: "The Ruins" revolves around a group of young tourists during their holidays in Mexico, caged in an uncharted Mayan monument and attacked a huge carnivorous plant.

Remember those typical jokes with the identical, repeated start "an Italian, a German and a Greek"? Well in this film have four Americans (two men, two women), a German and a Greek and a forgotten society modern Maya. All of these make up the manpower noimatodotei the "The Ruins," a novel but incomplete horror film which appeared towards the end of the past decade in cinemas.

The Motley youthful company enjoys her vacation in Mexico until one day decides to make a fateful journey to the depths of the jungle with destination an abandoned ancient Mayan structure like a stepped pyramid that is not noted in the official maps. Motivated by finding his brother German engineer who did not return in the planned space from the building, young people entering the inhospitable area and this marks the beginning of an unimaginable nightmare. First surrounded by natives spells that do not allow them to stray from the pyramid. Then locals exhibit wild moods the killing one of the gang. Finally the young beyond the hostile natives come across and with an unprecedented threat on the pyramid where they have blocked. A massive carnivorous plant ichomimitiko and residing in ruins, is devoured!

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"The Ruins" is based on Scott Smith's self-titled book editor and scenario. Also available with different finale to uncut version.

Original as arrest but mediocre in execution. "The Ruins" Although it seemed that go to make the surprise, eventually proved inferior to the circumstances of those who awaited roil more as graphs. Not that it has suspense and tension as a movie, but the lack of imagination and creativity in the script leaves no film to ektinachtei. To be more specific, while the monstrous plant is the undeniable attraction of the project, not surprisingly given the lion's share in the progress of the action. Specifically, the film tries to shock us more often with heartbreaking champions attempt to cope with hardships not associated with the risk of plant such as wound care, psychological collapse or caging them in building from the locals, rather than the literal assaults of frikiastikoy plant. In other words, it's like playing Conquian, sits the Joker, and you don't use it properly, eventually losing the game.

Certainly we are shocked at the very tough leg amputation scene of one of the young but you cannot win the game leaving your best player too much time on the bench. The existence of a few Greek phrases and typical Greek brisiwn will surely entertain the Greek public. The film overall but can't seem to win many impressions and let it be sufficient technically (e.g. in effect, interpretations, etc.).

The Ruins

Movie Highlights

  • O creepy and intended a new leg amputation.
  • The chabaletzidikes Greek sayings we hear in the film.

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Original idea, prototype action environment, some particularly shocking scenes, meticulous effects, dignified interpretations.


Inadequate utilization of the monster, showing several clichés.

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Fresh idea but with a feeble swing and suicidal mood.

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