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Rise: Blood Hunter-Hunters blood (2007)

Rise: Blood Hunter-Hunters blood (2007)

by 11/06/2014
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Mandate Pictures, Kingsgate Films, Destination Films, Ghost House Pictures, Rise Productions


1 Hour and 37 Minutes (97 Minutes)


They didn't leave her alive. They left her UNDEAD.
Seduce. Trap. Feast.

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 Case: "Rise: Blood Hunter" tells the dramatic story of a reporter who seeks revenge against the sect vampires who turned into vampires and was left in a mortuary.

Another modern horror film vampire and Gothic aesthetics, this time by Sebastian Gutierrez (Judas Kiss, Elektra Luxx). The "Rise: Blood Hunter" is basically a story of revenge which stars the charming schistomata Lucy Liu.

After the appalling murder of a young girl after visiting a gothic event, the reporter Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu) Decides to investigate the case. But soon it is perceived by the bloodthirsty vampire who murdered the girl resulting in the capture and kill her. Sadie later wakes up in a morgue where notes surprised that something has changed to herself. He has an unexplained blood thirst and hunger for human flesh! Despite initial difficulties to accept its new identity, Sadie-after the help and psychological support of another vampire mentor-Gush in hunting vampires who turned in this bloodthirsty creature and with weapon a crossbow eliminates them one by one. In the course of business partners with the police and the girl's father who was murdered by vampires at the beginning.

Horror Trivia

Although the "Rise: Blood Hunter" is a vampire movie, nowhere I heard the word ' Vampire ' in it!

With a first reading it becomes clear that the "Rise: Blood Hunter ' moves in familiar and trivial paths that we have seen before. Director's remarkable job but as too simplistic and the plot is distinguished by several defects. Arguably the whole movie picks up on the backs of the Lucy Liu with the cold, dark and imposing the interpretation which is enriched by some half-naked sexy shots that will enthrall male viewers, but not beyond the normal range. Apart from Liu most characters are simply unconcerned with the exception of the leader of the evil vampires. The policeman (Michael Chiklis-Fantastic Four) that collaborates with Sadie doesn't seem to stick to particular climates like and great, without substance, seems to have been finally and the idea of the good vampire who helped Sadie to recover after the first shock.

Generally, however, the film manages to maintain throughout most of the duration of a dark and at the same time dramatic atmosphere after periodically monitor the despair of Sadie for what they are and the need for redemption. The questions of whether to kill itself to live and show reservations that torture mentally, illustrating the extremely private of martyrdom. The viewer's emotional identification with the protagonist so desperate is another positive aspect of the film. On the plus side of "Rise: Blood Hunter" is one anyway and the increased amount of gore along with dynamic action scenes.

Summary the "Rise: Blood Hunter" is essentially "one woman show" that without the strong presence of Lucy Liu probably would collapse like a House of cards. It is a predictable, slightly above average movie with vampires and there are certainly several best in space. Of course you don't have to miss anything if you take a look. At least you'll find some good elements, and some intense moments that will shake you temporarily. But not for long. ..

Rise Blood Hunter

Movie Highlights

  • The awakening of Sadie in the morgue. Icy and gruesome scene really.
  • The creepy hand eating a poor wretch in a homeless hangout by the hungry protagonist.
  • Bloody throat mangling of a spioynoy by the leader of the vampires!

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Διαβάθμιση Βαθμολογίας:
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Commanding presence of Lucy Liu, dark, macabre and dramatic atmosphere, some very intense scenes that stir up emotions, rich action with plenty of gore.


Several problems in generally predictable scenario, many jaded characters.

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Remarkable film bampirikis genre that retains interest primarily thanks to imposing his heroine.

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