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Ring Around The Rosie-All Around (2006)

Ring Around The Rosie-All Around (2006)

by 12/11/2015
A young girl visiting her grandmother's cottage after the death of the last to tidy up the House. There beset by terrifying visions about unpleasant past events and her life is put in danger.

Rubi Zack


Alex Barder, Lawrence Silverstein, Rubi Zack


Alex Barder, Jim Suthers, Michael Tabb, Rubi Zack


Gina Philips, Tom Sizemore, Jenny Mollen, Randall Batinkoff, Frances Bay


John Massari

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Run Entertainment Ltd., Poligon Films, Hollywood Media Bridge, Strategic Film Partners

Γνωστή και ως

Dark Memories / Fear Itself / Death Ring


1 Hour and 27 Minutes (87 Minutes)






They all fall dead.
There Is Something To Fear!




This film although it creates expectations for something good, especially with the show at the Nice names cast Gina Philips (that we enjoyed in the ' Jeepers Creepers ') and heavy Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down), however dismally disappointed even the most optimistic. Describes the nightmarish moments when experiencing a girl at the cottage she inherited from her deceased grandmother. Moving between fiction and reality is trying to shift to the "now" some obscure unpleasant incidents of the past through visions of efialtikwn actress in his new home. The drama of a tangled adventure scary hermit who lives in a nearby barn and her sister.

The film suffers from lack of kalogrammenoy script and plot and by a general lack of orientation in the narrative. Dirty looks and the montage where unable to satisfactorily horror scenes connected with the overall narrative. The cliche of the psychological/metaphysical horror films make their appearance in annoyingly increased extent. See i.e. doors that creep themselves out loud, sudden appearances of friendly persons on the other side of the aisle, eerie sightings in the mirror, sudden viewing mice where they don't expect it, phones that don't work, cars that don't get front and similar "bolikotites" who destroy rather than favoring a horror movie with excessive frequency.

Horror Trivia

The film is also known as "Fear Itself: Dark Memories", "Fear Itself," ' Death Ring "and" Dark Memories ". Filming took place in Los Angeles.

In the patchwork of drawbacks come and nerobrastes interpretations of the two protagonists to tie the insipid sweet. The screaming and Gina Philips strigklizei worse than most cinema's Queen Screem atalanti terror. It is also a shame to see the Tom Sizemore to CD is deducted as low in a role quite badly written, full of anempneystes, repetitive one-liners and unnecessary actions. Not that would not go the role of axestoy threatening hermit who plays here but in "the Ring Around Rosie" have made it look completely ridiculous and a point himself is responsible for the katantima.

Another insipid psychological thrileraki of series of hellish Decade of the 00s who deserves no attention unless you are an avid lover of one of the two protagonists. All around … and go about other posthaste!

Ring Around The Rosie

Movie Review Highlights
  • The scary watching a little girl over the lying heroine.


ring around rosie review


ring around the rosie


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Minimum eerie scenes.


Existence of many cliches in embarrassing extent, amateur filmmaking, too small script, problematic editing, surprisingly bad interpretations from two not tycharpastoys actors.

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Insipid and kakoskinothetimeno psychological thriller. Stay away.

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