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Riding The Bullet-Harbinger of death (2004)

Riding The Bullet-Harbinger of death (2004)

by 23/04/2016
"Riding The Bullet" revolves around the adventurous journey of a grim new starts to encounter the ill mother, sometimes on foot, sometimes hitching. The route has strange encounters with the dead and the living.

Mick Garris


Mick Garris


Mick Garris


Stephen King


Jonathan Jackson, David Arquette, Cliff Robertson, Barbara Hershey, Erika Christensen, Barry W. Levy, Nicky Katt, Jackson Warris, Jeff Ballard, Peter LaCroix, Chris Gauthier, Robin Nielsen, Matt Frewer


Nicholas Pike

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

MPCA, MPCE, Innovation Film Group

Γνωστή και ως

Stephen King's Riding the Bullet


1 Hour and 38 Minutes (98 Minutes)


USA, Germany, Canada




The dead travel fast



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The view that wants many novels of Stephen King to find mediocre performance on the big screen comes to confirm with films like "Riding The Bullet" in 2004. Directed by Mick Garris has undertaken, a prolific screenwriter and Director, especially in the field of television series and television films but also creator of some controversial widescreen movies like ' Critters 2 "," The Fly 2 "and" Sleepwalkers ". The film involved a remarkable ensemble cast of whom stand out the David Arquette (aka sloppy police officer Dewey of "Scream" franchise), Barbara Hershey (Hannah and her Sisters, Black Swan, etc.) and Jonathan Jackson (Tuck Everlasting, Insomnia, etc.).

The case revolves around the adventurous journey of the young Alan to the Hospital where hospitalized seriously his mother-the only nearby of man in this world. The Alan is a flaky young talent in painting which dedicates but at dark themes such as death. After a failed suicide attempt, the young take the unhappy news for the hospitalization of his mother away in his hometown. Without losing time leaves Maine where she studies and starts for the hospital sometimes on foot, sometimes making hitchhiking. The route turns out to be unpredictable, turbulent, full of surprises, dramatic revelations and gruesome visions that will change dramatically the way Alan sees the world and life in General.

Horror Trivia

The old red car that leads the dead are supposed to be a 1958 Plymouth Fury as in … "Christine".

"Riding the Bullet" moves between black comedy and horror with the story takes place in 1969. The weird sequences of Alan's suicide attempt toward the beginning marks the chabalediariki course that will follow the film. The most interesting part is undoubtedly the episodic Alan's journey along the road at night which is the largest timed piece of work. Successive meetings of the hero by insane drivers, wild Wolfhounds, dead types/ghosts and the multiple visions that torment him, make up the main shaft producing jazz and horror around whom the story revolves.

Is satisfactory and the development of grim character of Alan and psiloparakmiakis's mother. The images of the nighttime Street form an imposing, dark backdrop that face us. In addition, special mention should be made in the common mess fantasy and reality and to show a second, ' virtual ' Alan, one who thinks what can happen the next few moments. These shall ensure at least a delusionary and fun atmosphere that gradually dwindled in interest and quality.

In a rich canvas, imported and the essential messages of moral and social type (e.g. opposition to the war in Viet Nam) while the original bouncy style move and generally good performances. Unfortunately not all works perfect. These successive alternations reality and fantasy and second thoughts, imaginary Alan for the coming events somewhere lose their freshness and become tiring to and irritating. Also the slow pace explains why us occasional boredom. Perhaps blame and the structure of the story certainly isn't the most exciting he has written the King leading the film transfer to de facto loses interest, excitement and suspense.

In conclusion, this is a lazy movie that hardly xanablepate. Certainly there are many superior transport of King Stephen in horror cinema. If you've seen the best film of this class and looking and the other for the experience, then spend and it here.

Riding The Bullet

Movie Review Highlights
  • The scene of the failed suicide attempt of Alan. Macabre and delusionary, with the same death to be present and with sketches of women on the walls that talk, urging the protagonist to do fatal! Crazy but nice scene simultaneously!
  • The sequences that Alan is invited to choose who to die (he or his mother) during a frantic race with a dead Wizard!


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riding the bullet


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Dark and surreal atmosphere, chabalediariki mood, some interesting social messages.


Slow tempo, mediocre story, excessive repetition of similar motifs that tire.

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Medium and long transport Stephen King novel that is quickly forgotten.

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