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Resolution (2012)

Resolution (2012)

by 26/06/2015
In the ' Resolution ' a man ties the addict boyfriend in a hut trying to deliver him from his dependence on drugs. Something very strange happens. Someone or something is watching and recording two friends ...

Justin Benson, Aaron Scott Moorhead


Justin Benson, David Lawson


Justin Benson


Peter Cilella, Vinny Curran, Zahn McClarnon, Bill Oberst Jr.

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Tribeca Film, Cinedigm

Γνωστή και ως

Cabin of Death


1 Hour and 33 Minutes (93 Minutes)








Frankly I cannot rank you easily "Resolution" in any recognized category of horror. This bizarre movie of Justin and Aaron Benson Moorhead (Spring) mingles with original themes and patterns widely used as drivers of horror movie plot while also presenting an unusual story of two friends, grafted with touches of drama and comedy nuggets.

Through the dramatic attempt to save Michael's beloved friend Chris from kits in the isolated hut in the forest (you caught the pattern right?) unfolding before our eyes a tangle of mysterious and occasionally terrifying events that compel us to see their endings despite occasional weaknesses of the film.

The otherworldly sects, the Indian folklore, supernatural, aliens, Government conspiracies, lunatic asylums and of course the classic "cabin in the Woods" are included in the agenda of the ' crazy ' Resolution but without playing a clear role for the degree of "participation" in the dramatically evolving. Should reach up to the enigmatic but also majestic finale to draw its conclusions.

Horror Trivia

The script was written in six months and the basic parts of the film, videotaped in 17 days. However, some minor scenes videotaped at an interval of several months during weekends.

In addition, we meet and some imported components metafilm unexpectedly into the plot of the film, giving it a different air but also making the understanding of the quintessence of "Resolution" from those who are not familiar with the particular phylum. In a sense the project can be seen as the ambitious young relative of "The Cabin In The Woods" which was released shortly earlier paying homage to traditional horror elements but also caricaturing certain cliches of the scene.

The "Resolution" is doing the same with less impressive in style although a poster with the cover of the Necronomicon from the classic horror film series ' The Evil Dead ' that adorns the hut of the protagonists ' dangerous ' makes us!

To arrive somewhere, I'll just say that watching the film is no easy task. Would figure out the grumbling and some complaints on issues such as slow development and the "koyloi" dialogues between the two friends but I think if you look at the ' Resolution ' from a more global perspective, certainly is a welcome addition to the scene of horror that suffers from ideas inspired the later years. Perhaps with less craziness and more strong bonding of events did the big surprise and win more friends. I for one enjoyed it.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The scary girl who looks both friends outside the window of the hut.
  • Michael's entrance in a nearby cave, accompanied by a great fright.
  • The scary Tet a Tet of Michael with a French archaeologist who had researched the area previously.
  • The enigmatic finale that allows a variety of interpretations and analyses.


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Original case, original screenplay, being wealthy mystery, successful attempt at mockery of certain clichés of horror cinema.


Relatively slow pace, several anoysioi dialogues, the interpretation of the addict becomes a bit unrealistic in some spaces.

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Original but and difficult film that cannot easily be the rankings somewhere. Stylistic could be considered the cousin recognized "The Cabin In The Woods".

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