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Repulsion-Repulsion (1965)

Repulsion-Repulsion (1965)

by 09/01/2014
The "Repulsion" focuses on a young woman who gradually down to paranoia when her sister leaves home for a few days and leaves it alone. The mentally disturbed girl is invited to address various gruesome hallucinations that the torture as rape by unknown men.

Roman Polanski


Gene Gutowski


Roman Polanski, Gérard Brach, David Stone


Catherine Deneuve, Yvonne Furneaux, Ian Hendry, John Fraser


Chico Hamilton

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Compton Films, Tekli British Productions


1 Hour and 45 Minutes (105 Min)


United Kingdom




"A classic chiller of the 'Psycho' school!"
From the Award-Winning "Knife In the Water"
The nightmare world of a virgin's dreams becomes the screen's shocking reality!



Box Office





The "Repulsion" is the first English-language film by renowned Roman Polanski and the second feature film made (had preceded the amazing "Knife in the water" of 1962). And the second job of the great Director will leave the audience with the mouth wide open from excitement (or of terror, though these go package in the case before us) mainly because of panexypnis, innovative and elaborate direction. With films like "Repulsion" the Polanski showed how good and convincing can make a movie, even with meager budget, assuming that the man behind the camera knows how to take advantage of maestrika, the seemingly simple data or objects available for creating the atmosphere of horror, despair and paranoia.

The "Repulsion" is the first part of the nightmarish informal trilogy of Polanski – known as the Trilogy Apartment – in which the Polish filmmaker focuses on urban terror within city departments. The victim here is the charming Frenchwoman Catherine Deneuve who impersonates the Carol, a psychotic girl who increasingly immersed in an unhealthy world illusions creepy staff. The Carol works at London beauty center and lives together with her sister. From the beginning it seems that something is amiss with the mental health of Carol. The abomination of human sexuality in General and men in particular starts zoomed dangerously impacting the already minimal social relations. Diseased compulsions exacerbate further the situation.

The contact with the real world is lost definitively when her sister goes on vacation for a few days with her lover, leaving Carol alone in the shadow of their apartment. The Carol having left any relationship with the outside world (her job, the man who courted) succumbs to a series of horrific illusions. The walls surrounding the torn boos, threatening shadows lurking in the darkness, lustful hands come out of the walls to touch her beautiful body and the worst … unknown men break into apartment and rape. All this heavy load illusions proves more dangerous than I thought someone, as apart from the fantastic men's hallucinations, Carol will accept and some real visitors that their bad luck appeared at the wrong time. See the Carol has come to its peak of paranoia and no one can guarantee the safety of visitors.

Horror Trivia

In the film we meet and a cameo appearance of Roman Polanski as a itinerant musicians who sees the Carol a few times on the road.

With "Disgust", as faithfully attributed the foreign title, Polanski delivers courses and elaborate air direction, creating an enviable film, a delicious "one woman show" expression that defines the concept of "psychological terror" better than many similar movies. Special mention should be made of the ornate, detailed shots of Polanski. Objects and images that normally do not cause a sensation, in "Repulsion" participate aggressively consolidating unwholesome climate. Door knobs ready to twist, cracks in sidewalks and walls, baked rabbits that were observed to eat flies, abandoned potatoes pooping roots, closed curtains that prevent daylight, wacky itinerant musicians who "accidentally" found in the Visual field of the protagonist and many others, are highlighted in a surreal materials useful and smart scary project. Beyond the Polanski bombards us with psarwtikoys bell sounds, phones, watches, all at the right time. Repetitive monotonous music themes form a climate of psychedelia that blends well with the otherworldly images in and out of the apartment. In General, the introduction of various sounds that has chosen the Director is done with exemplary intelligence and at the correct timing. For example on rape of Carol while she screams, the howling of ' drowning ' deliberately by Director and hear sounds from basanistikoys clockwise. How long does each martyrdom of Carol?

Of course we must not forget and Catherine Deneuve who with their unique interpretation of elevates the film fulfilling the high expectations of its creators. The Frenchwoman won the bet a difficult role because it is not at all easy to reflect convincingly fall in schizophrenic and katatonikes situations. Unforgettable stays that cold, petrified and strangely startled gaze. The coldness with which he takes refuge in a despicable criminal acts causing chills. And there we think terror is over, comes that creepy zoom the finale which transpire how old is the nightmare that we have seen. If you enjoy movies in psychological terror, then don't miss this masterful film. But fans of good cinema in general are required to seek this film by Polanski. Definitely has a lot to offer to everyone. What? What time and what age? Here we talk about rock solid, timeless masterpiece gentlemen …


Movie Highlights

  • The frightening scene with male figure who appears in the mirror of the closet that closes the protagonist. Although it has been used many times in horror films, in ' Repulsion ' scared me more than any other film.
  • The bloody accident in the beauty salon where she works the protagonist with the same culprit, of course …
  • The appalling murder of a man with a razor where the victim constantly petsokobetai experiencing slow and excruciating death.
  • All the scenes of the protagonist rapes and harassed hand coming out of the walls.


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Intelligent direction for tutorial.
Great interpretation by Catherine Deneuve.
Riveting black-and-white photo.
Creepy finale.


Nothing whatsoever.

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One of the greatest psychological thrillers of all time. A necessary addition to every friend film library of good psychological terror.

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