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Rear Window-Silent Witness (1954)

Rear Window-Silent Witness (1954)

by 23/06/2014
The "Rear Window" revolves around a photographer and his beloved who are watching a mysterious man in the apartment opposite convinced that committed murder. In trying to solve the case will find themselves faced with serious risks.

Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Hitchcock, James Stewart


John Michael Hayes


Cornell Woolrich


James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter, Raymond Burr


Franz Waxman

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Paramount Pictures, Patron Inc.


1 Hour and 52 Minutes (112 Minutes)






In deadly danger...because they saw too much!
Through his rear window and the eye of his powerful camera he watched a great city tell on itself, expose its cheating ways...and Murder!
It only takes one witness to spoil the perfect crime.
Suspense Of Screaming Proportions!



Box Office

$36.764.313 (έως 12/7/2012)




A little respect here gentlemen because we are talking about one of the best movies of all time. With masterful and acclaimed ' Rear Window ' the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock leverages flawless one of his favourite techniques, that of continuous, voyeuristic camera motion introducing the Viewer to an addictive game mpanistirioy, making him part of "spectacle". The film is based on the short novel "It Had To Be Murder" (1942) author Cornell Woolrich, a story that the "Hitch" Director: remove in the best possible way. Basic sympaichtes of the grand venture the atsalakwtos James Stewart and Grace Kelly dazzling. The first played a photographer who due to accidents at work was confined temporarily in a wheelchair having plaster on one foot and the second appears as the erwtochtypimeni and cosmopolitan girlfriend who loves luxury.

grace kelly

The Slovak photographer currently has the only activity monitoring of his neighbours. Their personal lives become the daily spectacle that sometimes affects his own attitude to life. A newly married couple, a lone pianist, a couple roytiniasmeno mesilikwn, a shapely dancer, a lonely woman with a psychotic depressive tendencies and a salesman who takes care of his sick wife in bed, composing the "cast" of "project" who enjoys the prostrate our hero. Of course life is enriched by the daily visits to his beloved which fervently wants to marry him but he seems to have difficulty reaching sometimes more and sometimes less realistic. The roytiniariki life of the photographer and his beloved crashes when the seller of the opposite partition indulging in mysterious activities and at the same time his wife disappears … at least from the field of actors. What follows is a strenuous and risky attempt to shed light on the case from the leading pair with daring deeds on behalf of that hazard …

Horror Trivia

In June 2008, the "Rear Window" was found in the 3rd place of the list of the American Film Institute about the 10 best mystery movies. The same organisation placed the film in 48th position of list of best films of all time in 2007.

hitchcock rear window cameo

Honestly, what if written for this Hitchcock's masterpiece is a bit. The great Director was able to maintain interest in a constricting limited scope without being tired or make us feel bored. Nor of course annoyed about the unashamedly fake apartment block – besides his works ' Alfie ' tend to have ' theatricality ' and this is obvious in "Rear Window." Kalogrammenoi dialogues, great performances and addictive chain of events contribute to creating a movie for which his sublime the thriller category can be proud. As the protagonists engage in significant revelations, so swells and anguish at the heart of the beholder. From exciting movies like this we understand why the "Hitch" is considered undisputed king in the field of suspense.

stewart james

The ' Rear Window ' beyond surface elements, ideal for further analysis on many levels. One can associate b.c. the life and fears of the protagonist with the peculiarities of life of neighbors who snoops. For example the roytiniariki life of a middle-aged couple with the dog or the gradually waning enthusiasm of niopantroy couple recalls the hero fears marriage and specifically of the routine in which it can reach. The final bondage of a lonely pianist with the depressed woman can be interpreted as a parallel-omen of the one-way street on which will move the relationship Stewart-Kelly who is none other than the "official" association with the bonds of marriage. The pair of seller and ill woman may be evaluated as a counter effect of pair Stewart Kelly-judging from the different sex patient in each apartment.

Definitely can be written more for analysis/psychoanalysis of his characters ' Rear Window ' but let's stop here, as the purpose of this document is to remind the audience a Masterful thriller from the Prince of suspense that apart from great movie attracts considerable heritage having influenced many film and tv efforts (check e.g. "Body Double" of De Palma). Every friend of the broader "thriller" genre should be seen ' Rear Window ' (Yes and friends of terror) not just for the "history" but more to understand what it means genuine suspense and brilliant direction by the absolute power of the genre.

Rear Window

Movie Highlights

  • Prolonged nocturnal monitoring of James Stewart in the opposite apartment seller who mysteriously come and go.
  • The groping of Grace Kelly in the seller's apartment that evolves in a tent high suspense when he returns.
  • The agonizing final sequences where James Stewart comes face to face with the sinister salesman.


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The monumental idonobleptikes camera shots, interesting variety of personalities as far as neighbors of the protagonist, excellent interpretation by James Steward, addictive plot with avid interest, scenes with heightened suspense that astonish.


Some might consider false many personal dialogues between the Steward and Kelly. But I think that such dialogues are necessary as they make the film more realistic while these contain some smart and humorous one-liners that entertain us.

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Timeless masterpiece by the master of suspense with a significant legacy in the movie. The necessary monitoring and by friends of terror.

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