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Would You Rather (2012)

Would You Rather (2012)

by 12/11/2014
In "Would You Rather" eight unidentified people together by their ignorance in lethal game organized by a sadist in the luxurious residence of magnate, to win a large sum of money. Between them lies a woman who is trying to find money to help the heavily sick brother.

David Guy Levy


Zak Kilberg, Maura Anderson, David Guy Levy


Steffen Schlachtenhaufen


Brittany Snow, Sasha Grey, Jeffrey Combs, John Heard, Logan Miller, Robb Wells


Daniel Hunt, Bardi Johannson

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Periscope Entertainment, Social Construct, Dreamher Productions, Lambrick Foundation


1 Hour and 33 Minutes (93 Minutes)






Tell yourself it's just a game.




The ' Would You Rather ' is an interesting horror film that walks in the footsteps kleistofobikwn sadistikwn and violent thrillers such as "The Killing Room" (2009), and "House of 9 (2005). Usually the movies of this non-congested class have a lot of anxiety and maintain interest until the end. The same happens in "Would You Rather" of David Guy Levy although difficult will post on the top 10 list of a relative.

Let's go now to the case of "Would You Rather". The film introduces the Iris (Brittany Snow), a adekari young girl struggles to find money to help his younger brother who suffers from leukemia. Because the margins are being squeezed and money for treatment no, Iris accepts the invitation of a magnate to engage in a "game" in the Villa where the winner will win a huge amount of money and not only. The Iris goes to the Villa where he is acquainted with some of the participants and competitors. The evening starts well with a luxurious meal but when the time arrives for the start of the mysterious game the host reveals the paranoid view. Players are forced into each round of play to decide within the narrow timeframe of a few seconds in which between two horrific acts will proceed. The rounds passed and bodies begin to pile up. The Iris will be able to survive this deadly game?

Horror Trivia

"Would You Rather" is the first full length horror film directed by David Guy Levy.

The ' Would You Rather ' draws the main idea from the fun game of American teenage party that bears the same name. Only that here instead of some banned but "harmless" questions, players must make an unpleasant action that causes harm sometimes to themselves and sometimes to their teammates. It is certainly an attractive idea for horror film although it has erected by maximum verisimilitude. We see some characters to engage in harmful actions at the lowest possible cost to the Group of elements to the surface of altruistic behavior and others play more wfelimistika and selfishly seeking to save only their pelt disregard for others.

These minute limits of human conduct in suffocating pressure condition is wishing to investigate the paranoid mogul although in fact his role is clearly more sadistic than "investigative". The diversity of players ' decisions and the basis of argument for any decision causes concern and in conjunction with the execution of any decision the film captivates us until the end. There's a delightfully inventive variety nerve-wracking dilemmas which are called to manage players with varying results as well. These results are often fatal, accompanied by the necessary blood stains. The "gore" in "Would You Rather" is normally increased but not excess.

Of course the movie has some shortcomings-decoys as the plethora of moderate interpretations. The exception is the atsalakwtos and especially jovial Jeffrey Combs who with long-term experience in horror cinema playing such roles paranoid for fun. Decent presence and the lead actress Brittany Snow. The negative put and incomplete or sometimes tsapatsoyliki using certain characters like the colored man who tries to help the mpoykarontas heroine in the Villa or the son of Tycoon whose involvement seems to have no meaning. "Would You Rather" do and a few waters in the staple part but the overall picture is satisfactory. If you're claustrophobic thriller see no misgivings.

Would You Rather

Movie Review Highlights

  • Multiple bloody boyrdoylies on the back of a wretched "contestant".
  • A horrific blowing handbags ' firework '.
  • The unexpected ending of the game laid the paranoid mogul.
  • The tragically ironic finale of the film.


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Suffocating environment action, many scenes with great agony and high intensity, ingenious torture-tests, interesting concept, delectable Jeffrey Combs in the role of basic evil.


Several weak performances, inadequate use of certain characters, sporadic insults in the scenario.

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Fun movie claustrophobic horror with lighthearted atmosphere and plenty of sadistic mood. If it had more sophisticated screenplay and best interpretation in General, could make the desired surprise.

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