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The Quiet Ones-Silently Spirits (2014)

The Quiet Ones-Silently Spirits (2014)

by 03/09/2014
"The Quiet Ones" revolves around a University Professor and a group of students who undertake an unconventional experiment parapsychologikoy orientation in order to unleash a malevolent supernatural entity from the body of a young girl.

John Pogue


Ben Holden, James Gay-Rees, Simon Oakes, Steven Chester Prince, Tobin Armbrust


John Pogue, Tom de Ville, Craig Rosenberg, Oren Moverman


Tom de Ville


Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Olivia Cooke, Erin Richards


Lucas Vidal

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Exclusive Media Group, Hammer Film Productions, TPSC


1 Hour and 38 Minutes (98 Minutes)


United Kingdom




Something unspeakable is happening to Jane Harper.

Box Office

$17.834.867 (έως 28/05/2015)




"The Quiet Ones" is the sixth film of the legendary Hammer Film Company epanadrastiriopoiimenis Productions. Although it had been filmed by 2012, saw the light of the movement in the spring of 2014, probably in order not to coincide with the very good ' The Woman In Black "of the same company. I make no secret that I waited impatiently for this film, as I believe and all friends of the historic British company, hoping that it will again moments of genuine, atmospheric terror.

Unfortunately "The Quiet Ones" has not fulfilled the high expectations we had remained low and overly formal standards that characterize many horror films metaphysical character of the modern era. The case concerns a university lecturer with the help of three students makes an unorthodox experiment on a mentally disturbed girl who probably has become dominated by a demonic entity. The Group of Professor tries to deduct such entity and the trap on its own resources to the study and thus save other people suffering from the same problem.

Horror Trivia

The film is said to be based on a real experiment in the field of parapsychology held in 1972 in Toronto.

Addressing this entity but is proving far more difficult than they expected and the team are going to experience horrific events that endanger the lives of its members. This all sounds xanazestameno food to more experienced viewers. We have known "séance", the videotaping effort to contact the supernatural entity, the battered victim with dual personality – his own and entity that overpowers – and on …

The problem with the film is not the usual case, but the same execution. Noticed great difficulty in maintaining the interest of viewers due to many anempneystwn ideas and indifferent scenes. The argosyrtos rate will certainly not help the heavy image that has formed the "The Quiet Ones" and only in the last 20 minutes about the film raises rates unleashing vigorous attacks horror, suspense and powerful shock. The characters stand out a bit the Professor mwrofilodoxo who is the main organizer of the experiment. The others swim into shallow waters.

However the sharp sound effects are from the major trumps of the film to create a climate of intense whenever she tries and will suggest to the view with the sound at a high volume to enjoy more. But generally the final flavor of "The Quiet Ones" are bittersweet and considering the high expectations we had from an established company with a rich past in the scene of horror as the Hammer, several rather disappointed. Let's hope the future operation of the company to be better …

The Quiet Ones

Movie Highlights

  • The dramatic black-and-white footage from the past with underlying examination a disturbed boy.
  • Flying an enormous, elongated tongue out of the mouth of "daimonismenis".
  • The killing of a victim with violent four wheeler into door.


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Some very dynamic and eerie scenes specially for the finale. The very loud sound effects. One interesting reversal back towards the finish of the project.


Lack of freshness, slow pace, weakness of the script to keep it interesting, not-so-interesting characters.

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Uneven film metaphysical dread that only partially satisfies. Even die-hard fans of Hammer Films would hardly satisfy the "The Quiet Ones".

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