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Quicksilver Highway (1997)

Quicksilver Highway (1997)

by 09/10/2013
The "Quicksilver Highway" is a modular horror movie with two stories of Stephen King and Clive Barker that tells a weird traveler to passers-by.

Mick Garris


Mick Garris, Ron Mitchell


Mick Garris


Christopher Lloyd, Matt Frewer, Raphael Sbarge


Mark Mothersbaugh

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

20th Century Fox Television, National Studios

Γνωστή και ως

Stephen Kings Quicksilver Highway


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)










Watching the huge names Stephen King and Clive Barker on the cover of a horror movie is expected that many will wait. On the other hand, history has shown that the big names don't always guarantee high quality in a cinematic work that relies on television making novels. Unfortunately, in this second case belongs "Quicksilver Highway", a modular horror film shot for television viewing and consisting of two different stories moderate level (at least). The two stories were narrated by a mysterious Wanderer showman with a Gothic look that goes by the name Aaron Quicksilver. This Lord whom played by Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) meets several passers-by and after the necessary introduction of acquaintance, tells of a story which monitor as a separate film within the main movie.

The first story (based on the work of Stephen King) has to do with a driver who travels on business trips to provincial highway. Sometime it stops on a gas station where he would obtain from the owner of a mysterious game: a koyrdisti mouth guard which intends to make a gift to his son for his birthday.  Then the driver gets in his car an unknown man to take him until the next gas station. But the unknown man is a psychopath killer and soon attacks the driver by threatening him with a dagger. And there's just the mysterious game will play the role of rushing to the psychopath with his teeth!

Horror Trivia

Chattery Teeth and The Body Politic are the titles of two stories to remember …

In the second story (based on Clive Barker's work) watching the dramatic adventure of a doctor whose hands they decided to rebel against him and get rid of the body! Soon begins a weird nightmare for the doctor that will endanger his wife initially and will result in wider implications since many human hands invited to rebel in the same way!

As many already suspect the stories do not seem ' serious '. Indeed it would not be hyperbole to the one characterizing silly and conjecture along with their implementation confirm this. Maybe in these stories to stand better, but it is clear that the video format does not work efficiently. No one in particular stands out against the other though probably the first story is a bit more serious. Stands out the wacky Narrator Quicksilver giving a few points in the movie which you seemed very leave without him. The gore is minimal, the atmosphere of incomplete while some unneeded additions such as ridiculously benign voice of hands on second story cause laughter. The cast is not indifferent but not manages something special within the limited framework that puts the "Quicksilver Highway".

Quicksilver Highway

Movie Highlights

  • In a film that hardly anyone finds memorable scenes, the Gothic poseur Aaron Quicksilver playing ball.


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Occasional moments of suspense especially in the first story, enjoyable narration by host Aaron Quicksilver.


Unsuccessful transfer of stories on the screen and probably unsuitable stories for transfer to film, lack of atmosphere, some ridiculous sound effects.

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In conclusion, there are much better modular horror movies from "Quicksilver Highway" which moves a bit below mediocrity. Of course if you're a fan of movies based on books of particular writers you might want to check for a time, but trust me. .. I'll soon forget ...

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