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The Purge: Anarchy-Clearance: Anarchy (2014)

The Purge: Anarchy-Clearance: Anarchy (2014)

by 19/09/2014
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Blumhouse Productions, Platinum Dunes, Universal Pictures, Why Not Productions

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American Nightmare 2: Anarchy
The Purge 2


1 Hour and 43 Minutes (103 Min)


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 Case: "The Purge: Anarchy" focuses on a group of people who met randomly at night the annual "Catharsis" on the streets of Los Angeles and trying to survive the predicted bloodletting.

purge-anarchyI must admit that the central idea of the movies "The Purge" is especially nice. The climate of uncertainty and terror posed by exploiting the undeniably horrible world of a future dystopikis society where any crime is allowed even for one day, is ideal for a really threatening tape. But a brilliant idea not necessarily accompanied by a good movie and I experienced watching last year's first film of James DeMonaco which starred Ethan Hawke star.

On hearing of the sequel everyone had stayed psiloapogoiteymenoi from the first "Purge" eyelpistoysame into something better. Unfortunately, our expectations were not fulfilled and the sequel that delivers us filmmaker himself moves at the same level mediocrity. "The Purge:" Anarchy is more chaotic than its predecessor by dragging the action not only in the confined space of a House but streets of night city and sometimes even in different areas.

Protagonists are five people that for different reasons found in the insecurity of roads of the city. The fates of the point they meet is common and remains an objective: to survive in that bloody night is deleted once anyone wishing to kill may do undisturbed those hours of infamous "Catharsis". Of course, one of the members of the gang has a somewhat different role, a bit more sinister and aggressive, yet cooperate with others in front of look like hopelessly weak on sheep-normally massacre.

Horror Trivia

The Edwin Hodge is the only actor from ' The Purge: Anarchy "that participated in the first film. There he played the bloodied stranger who entered the home of Ethan Hawke.

This type of playing the "heavy" Frank Grillo, is probably the main character after with exceptional abilities with guns (former snaϊperas assumed) the group manages to survive and maintain consistency. But unexpected surprises will carry the team in a very difficult position. Basically here is one of the problems of "The Purge: Anarchy". The meeting and cooperation of actors isn't very believable and the survival of the too false. The macho man head cleans too easily multiple opponents simultaneously co-coordinating a bunch of helpless and panikoblimenwn individuals.

Generally the action isn't as well-structured suffering from lack of inspirational ideas with few exceptions-oases in this nocturnal crescendo Chase and battles. Even these few remarkable ideas is not always completed successfully. E.g. in the sequences where the characters end up in a death match to impress an audience of wealthy, we observe a superficiality in the evolution of the chase that begins from the inadequate exploitation of the characters (especially the bad-hunters) and ends with convenient Deus Ex Machina gods depriving the suspenseful and cause xenerwma. Another disadvantage is the klisarismenes prompts ithikoplastikoy character with the recipient of the "Terminator" of company of heroes.

In short ' The Purge: Anarchy ' without this is also bad movie, shows no signs of improvement compared to its predecessor. Of course, because of easy and mainstream character I believe will keep pleasant company in enough viewers. But those who believed in something more than this sequel of DeMonaco rather will reflect and will xenerwsoyn …

The Purge Anarchy

Movie Highlights

  • The shocking scene in which an elderly man offered voluntarily to a rich family to slay the day of "Cleansing" in Exchange for financial guarantee of his family!
  • The terrifying masks of members of a gang that alitampoyraiwn soylatsarei the streets chasing prey.
  • The emotive finale that although predictable and somewhat klisarismeno, manages to touch you.

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Rich action, convincing dystopian atmosphere, some really good ideas and shocking scenes in the evolution of the action.


Mismatched group of actors, many scenario-based facilities and backsliding, inadequate utilization of several characters and frustrating spending a few good ideas, using familiar and trite clichés.

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Another horror sequel that moves to the level of mediocrity ...

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