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Punishment-the mask of horror (2012)

Punishment-the mask of horror (2012)

by 15/07/2015
In "Punishment" a group of teenagers go to a forest for spree where rumour that soylatsarei a paranoid killer. This serial is said that went crazy after the killing of his daughter from a passing car that drove a drunken teenager before some years ago. Unfortunately for the teenagers of today rumor would prove true. Now they are the number one target of paranoid.

Jason Christopher


Roy Koriakin


Jason Christopher


Nikki Bell, Jen Dance, Chris Ready, Clint Howard, Matthew Nadu, Chelsey Garner, Brian Gallagher, David J. Bonner, Shaun Paul Costello


Gene Micofsky

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Kphat Productions, Imagination Worldwide, Team Spontaneous Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Down the Road / Slasher in the Woods / Nobody Gets Out Alive


1 Hour and 17 Minutes (77 Minutes)








Another typical slasher we here who shamelessly kopiarei similar films of the 80s. And don't hear the excuse of "homage" to the genre after to returns values in one of the major offshoots of horror must at least presentations something serious and decent, something that can stand alone as a film and let not innovate. Well the "Punishment" or "the mask of terror" as they chose to rename the Greeks distributors cannot be held in any way serious film.

From the first scene that killed the murderer's daughter becomes clear the skinothetikos amateurism. From the unfortunate camera shots until the faulty setting in General, confirmed the lack of capacity of the man behind the movie. But it's not just the lack of skill skinothetikwn chantakwnei "Punishment" but also writing the whole history which has unfortunately take … himself.

Horror Trivia

The Director and screenwriter of the film wrote the script when he was just 17 years old. I guess this explains the slovenliness.

The script is lousy in many respects. No presents nor a fresh idea suffering from a terrible lack of inventiveness. Copies with intolerably chiliopaigmenes slasher scenes idiom such as classic scary story around the campfire at night. Moreover, the dialogues are from naive to look ridiculous. Some reactions of actors is also inane like when a guy quits apsychologita his car when it has just learned that circulates killer in the region.

The weakness of the above comes to fill the acting. Really the team of actors racing into nastiness the Director and screenwriter of the film. People just don't know how to exercise the profession. Yes but we should blame what we pass such torment? Become bad? If you make the mistake and see would agree. Only the scenes of murders deserved though some of them were so realistic given.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The bloody double murder of an elderly couple in their store.
  • The shocking mpiximo nail in the head of a victim of the merciless killer.
  • The creepy cut leg with a girl saw the time fully conscious!


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Some shocking murder scenes with a lot of gore and morbidity.


Unacceptable interpretations, ridiculous and insensitive characters, amateur filmmaking, badly written, predictable and klisarismeno scenario, slow progress in spite of the relatively short duration of the film.

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One of the worst slasher of 2012 and the last few years.

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