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Psychosis-Nightmares (2010)

Psychosis-Nightmares (2010)

by 11/11/2013
The "Psychosis" focuses on a couple who moves into a secluded home in the English countryside. There the woman tormented by terrifying visions and weird nightmares that might relate to the past of the House.

Reg Traviss


Patrick Fischer


Reg Traviss


Charisma Carpenter, Paul Sculfor, Ricci Harnett, Justin Hawkins, Ty Glaser, Katrena Rochell, Slaine Kelly, Axelle Carolyn

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Kingsway Films, Red Sparrow

Γνωστή και ως



1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)






Another bland horror film from Great Britain who seem not to can compete-for now at least-the rise of other major European rivals in the field of terror such as Spain or France.

The "Psychosis" tracks the life of Susan and her husband David, who move into a cottage in the English countryside near London. The David is a busy businessman and Susan talented writer horror novels. In the new house the writer hopes that you will find the necessary quiet for the completion of the project. Unfortunately for her a series of strange and efialtikwn visions didn't leave her job to dedicate ourselves. Grotesque pictures inside and outside the home make her stay torment making slightly and her relationship with her husband, but doesn't seem too devastated judging by the odd ' professional ' disappearances of the city. What is the nature of the vision of Susan? It's all in her mind or do some evil plan emerges in order to drive a and already has some negative psychological past?

Horror Trivia

The film is a remake of the episode "Dreamhouse" from the horror anthology ' Screamtime ' of 1986.

The "Psychosis" has all the cliches and platitudes that characterize many psychological and metaphysical thriller. The secluded House in the countryside, the strange sounds, the nightmarish visions, abruptly POPs startled are some of these trivial items that have nothing new to offer. And if we like the sweet Charisma Carpenter (known mainly from the American series "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer") in the role of Susan, you certainly can't say the same for her husband with the annoying bass voice and xenerwti English pronunciation nor for all other participants. Major drawbacks are the indolent pacing and amateur Director who seems more in shots of horrible "visions" of the protagonist in the House. Generally you are given the impression that watch an insipid film without direction and vision, while reserving a micro surprise finale. Is very little, however, to save the "Psychosis" since the shipwreck which has already fallen. Therefore …


Movie Highlights

  • The sudden, terrifying scene with the mysterious man who passes behind the Flash memory inside her house Susan and for very little shakes us from our position.
  • The interesting revelations of the finale that give little value to one over the other irrelevant footage.


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Existence of mystery, unexpected finale, a few scary scenes.


Weak and inadequate direction, numerous obsolete cliché, slow pace, wicked co-star, many jaded characters.

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Insipid horror film with a lot of clichés and Director problems.

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