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Psycho (1960)
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Psycho (1960)

by 01/07/2015
The "Psycho" focuses on the arrival of a woman who stole $ 40,000 from client of her boss at an isolated Motel who directs a young man named Norman Bates. The man seems to have a very strong relationship with the sick and oppressive mother which takes care of the adjacent House. This relationship will result in a surprise outbreak of violence, terror and shocking revelations.

Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Hitchcock


Joseph Stefano


Robert Bloch


Anthony Perkins
Vera Miles
John Gavin
Martin Balsam
John McIntire
Janet Leigh


Bernard Herrmann

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Shamley Productions


1 Hour and 49 Minutes (109 Minutes)






Exploring the blackness of the subconscious man!



Box Office

$50.000.000 (έως 30/12/2014)




True, there are words with which to describe someone can complete the "Psycho" of Alfred Hitchcock? Whatever you write is a little for this monument to horror/thriller from the master of suspense but under spotlight classic horror films deserve to make an effort.

The "Alfie", as it is one of the popular nicknames of the great Director was cleverly written novel Robert Bloch's self-titled, and gave film personality by making one of the best horror movies and suspense of all-time with far-reaching legacy for the scene of horror. Especially for the subcategory of slasher, "Psycho" resembles the womb from where he was born and gradually crystallized one of the most popular genres of horror cinema.

The "Psycho" has masterfully built from start to finish. In 109 minutes of duration manages to build an addictive and extremely interesting plot that does belly anywhere. An awesomely flexible flow of diverse events unfolding on our screen filling us with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty as Marion initially tries to escape away from the city along with the stolen money from the client of her boss, which transformed into feelings of unbelievable terror when the unlucky girl I murdered in bathtub from the gruesome figure of "Mother" in the room of the Bates Motel.

This item works as new start another series of dynamic events. The thorough investigation of detective Arbogast to the motel and the Bates home filodwrei us with new moments of pure terror that followed by the arrival of her sister Marion at Motels along with restless lover girl sfagmenis. Every Tet-a-Tet visitor at the motel owner Norman Bates overtly problematic is meant to have a shocking ending.

psycho bath scene

Horror Trivia

For the notorious murder scene in the shower there are some interesting information. As regards the effects of the blood, used chocolate syrup that seemed more realistic in the black-and-white filming. With regard to the sound effects of stabbings, these were produced by stabbings on melon. Also circulated and the myth that cold water rained actress Janet Leigh so cries of being more real at the time of the murder. But she flatly refused saying that the filming of staff provided hot water and all the amenities.

Aside from the horrific events of the plot, there is special care and nurturing of the troubled personality of Norman Bates. The Oedipal relationship with his mother and the psychological domination of the top is light Lantern. Just notice the disturbed young man whenever the conversationalist, unwittingly affect the relationship with his mother and the suffocating of the microcosm. The facial features of altered disturbingly …

Other items that enhance the feeling of terror is stuffed birds that retains the Norman Motel's Office and of course the nightmarish soundtrack – mainly from violins and cello – leading composer Bernard Herrmann. Talking about one of the most famous, characteristic and tromaktikotera soundtracks of horror onstage, matches the musical themes of Halloween, the Omen and Exorcist.

Feeling of terror but causes and personal House of Bates. The raised in hillock adjoining House with the decadent image predominates the landscape and is one of the main venues of the drama that unfolds in "Psycho". Or Hitchcock's inspiration for the creepy House came from the table "The House by the Railroad" the pragmatic painter Edward Hopper.

For the story to simply mention that the "Psycho" originally apaxiwthike by critics of the time who regarded it as an unfortunate and distasteful backsliding in the career of Alfred Hitchcock who had the audacity to get black-and-white film after color masterpieces of the 1950s. But very successful performance in theaters forced critics to reassess the "Psycho" which very soon found the place it fit in the Pantheon of the best movies of all time (and not only the horror of course).

This is a timeless masterpiece, a revolutionary work of art that brought the violence and nudity to another level but shocking and mesmerizing the crowds at the same time. One of the most important films of Hitchcock – if not the most – the first slasher the first psychoanalytic thriller with many emerging patterns and themes to explore. No need to analyze here though. See and do it yourself …


Movie Review Highlights
  • Wants and question? But of course the legendary, all time classic scene of the murder of Marion in the shower from the shadowy figure of the mother.
  • The horrific attack of Norman's mother in detective Arbogast on the steps of the House. The placement of the camera above confirms the greatness of Hitchcock once more.
  • The terrifying scenes in the cellar of the House where her sister Marion comes face-to-face with Norman's mother.
  • The scary look of Norman at the end of the film that caps the total paranoia of "Psycho".


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Genius Director with many quirky shots inside and outside the home, ingenious script with misleading structure and terrible overthrow, terrific interpretation by Anthony Perkins in the role of Norman Bates, frightening atmosphere with continual bouts of uncertainty, absolutely haunted music themes that are intensifying the suspense and terror.


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Sublime diamond horror, thriller and mystery at the same time by a leading Director of world cinema. De means to be a friend of horror or classic film and not to have seen the "Psycho". A film, the horror cinema owes him a large part of his makeup, especially the idiom of slasher films.

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