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Prom-Night Massacre at the College (1980)

Prom-Night Massacre at the College (1980)

by 08/07/2014
In "Prom Night" a new company becomes a murderer maskoforoy the night of the prom. The maniac seems to act in revengeful motives due to an accident that happened in the past.

Paul Lynch


Peter R. Simpson, Richard Simpson


William Gray


Robert Guza, Jr.


Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis


Paul Zaza, Carl Zittrer

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Simcom Limited, Guardian Trust Company, Prom Night Productions


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)






A prom queen's dreams turn to screams.



Box Office

$14.796.236 (έως 11/09/2014)



Prom Night cast

Jamie Lee Curtis H may became known mainly for his leading role in "Halloween" and its sequels, nonetheless participated vigorously in similar slasherakia as the Canadian "Prom Night" that appeared in dawn of the 80s. The ultimate Scream Queen coexisting with the hilarious Leslie Nielsen played a schoolgirl the night of graduation from College will be faced with a mysterious murderer who has koykoyloforo repress the companionship. The reason? Apparently the death of a little girl 6 years earlier by accident. See the Curtis accidentally caused the fall of the unfortunate girl from the window of an abandoned building. The kids were sworn to keep between the macabre secret but for bad luck someone else also witnessed the incident and now returns (apparently) to avenge the "offenders".

Horror Trivia

In the country of origin (Canada) the ' Prom Night ' was the most profitable horror film about the 1980 while had two nominations in the Canadian Genie Awards (best editing and best foreign actress Jamie Lee Curtis for).


Prom Night LP

The "Prom Night" certainly has much less radiation from high-profile slasher that period as "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th". Maintains a limited cult status with the loyal audience, mostly because soundtrack which sounded constantly in circles kind. To "Prom Night" is one of the first slasher films that exhibit some very typical traits of the idiom such as threatening phone calls, graduation nights, gory revenge as motive of the murderer and the obnoxious adjective/caretaker.

From this point of view has a historic importance which deserves appreciation. Not that the content is irrelevant just now seems somewhat outdated, time has left its marks on the film. Certainly we would have liked a faster swing and the film generally busier since Kana do not see World nothing despite preparing for graduation evening, amorous rivalries, harpoons and Director known tricks to fill time.

In plus maintaining the mystery regarding the identity of the murderer. There are also a few moments to highlight (r.r. see below under "Highlights"), but definitely expect more judging by the cast, but also from the expectations generated by the opening scene of the accident. Certainly it is better to see what the "Prom Night" despite the trisathlio remake of 2008. At least in the 1980 film distinguish a candid atmosphere and mood while we enjoy dismembered the talent of Curtis.

Prom Night

Movie Highlights

  • The dazzling dance of Curtis and his partner in graduation party under exquisite disco music.
  • A juicy beheading with axe.


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Notable actors, mystery of the identity of the murderer, a few enjoyable murder scenes.


Slow pace and sprawling space without action or interest. The sense that shows ' antiquated '.

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Despite its weaknesses and the marks of time, "Prom Night" deserves attention because of interest contains cast in early season many trademarks that have characterised the slashers movies.

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