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Possession-The Possessed (2012)

Possession-The Possessed (2012)

by 09/07/2014
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Ghost House Pictures, North Box Productions

Γνωστή και ως

Dibbuk Box


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)


Fear The Demon That Doesn't Fear God.
Darkness lives inside.



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 Case: "The Possession" revolves around an old box that hides a diabolical spirit. When the spirit takes up the soul of a little girl, her parents separated with the help of a Rabbi trying to help.

Another modest addition to the Repertoire of metaphysical horror, an idiom that is suffering from lack of tedious and repetitious fresh ideas long ago. "The Possession", with the Greek title marketistiko "Possessed", without being a bad movie, follow the beaten track, devoid of many intense moments and big emotions. The only noteworthy element is the introduction of Jewish folklore in plot regarding the metaphysical happenings.

The story of ' Possession ' The focussing on a box-antique residence that is a malicious spirit, capable of inflicting damage on people and occupy their souls. This box makes a mistake to buy a father to little daughter and the unhappy results emerge very soon. The unlucky girl was taken from the demonic entity and erratic behavior and pretty dangerous for those around her. The father informs her mother and ex-wife but she initially did not believe him and indeed deprive her ex-husband their daughter fearing mistreatment on behalf of his father. Not father puts down though and seeks the help of a box and rabbis associated with the Mystic Jewish tradition.

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This is a box of "Ntimpoyk" which according to Jewish folklore contains the malicious spirit "Ntimpoyk" which may be hurting and overpowers the souls of the living. This is the only component of The innovative ' Possession '. The interesting cast with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick in her role, creates positive predisposition and high expectations for the sequel. But despite the remarkable efforts of the actors the weak story can neither impress nor to keep the interest. Some sporadic tromares take with well-made effects to help the emergence of terrifying scenes.

Horror Trivia

The language that speak the demonic entity inside of the box is the Polish.

On the other hand, we also meet scenes totally funny or incomplete as the viewing diabolikoy's spirit in the body of the possessed man girl through a magnetic scanning (!) and the xepastrematos scene of the girl's mother's gkomenoy. Just bleed his teeth and disappears into the car that goes from the rear without learning anything about him! The sequences of exorcism rather than peak moment is scene of frustration and parody since the ritual is conducted with great sloppy with the Rabbi to "rapping" instead to stave off serious sprite.

General scenario is the main drawback of The ' Possession ' being procheirogrammeno and predictable in annoying degree. Not only are the aforementioned Funnily enough, but the overall lack of freshness, inspiration and daring that chantakwnei the effort of contributors. The final taste that remains is bittersweet unfortunately …

The Possession

Movie Highlights

  • The rabid attack of spirit against a ypopsiasmenis candy at the start.
  • A sudden piroynia in hand.
  • The fearsome appearance of larynx fingers "-possessed man" girl.

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Some truly frightening scenes, nice effects, interesting cast.


Existence of many cliches, weak scenario with many problems and unwarranted access.

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Mediocre film metaphysical horror with many scenario-backsliding and klisarismena patterns.

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