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Possession-A Woman Possessed (1981)

Possession-A Woman Possessed (1981)

In "Possession" a man sees his wife to have one annoying and downright bizarre behavior that escalates. Starts and looking what's going on. What she discovers is beyond imagination and logic.

Andrzej Żuławski


Marie-Laure Reyre


Frederic Tuten, Andrzej Żuławski


Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neill


Andrzej Korzyński

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Gaumont, Oliane Productions , Marianne Productions, Soma Film Produktion

Γνωστή και ως

The Night the Screaming Stops


2 Hours and 4 Minutes (124 Minutes)


France, D. Germany




She created a monster as her secret lover!

Box Office





Personally, with starting the movie and fall titles, with the riveting soundtrack and speed played the intro, I realized that I was going to spend two pleasant hours. The only thing that fell out, that is, not expecting to be a frugal and austere masterpiece, which enjoy the unmatched acting of actors.

Sam O Neil and Isabelle Adjani vying among themselves on who will manage to grab viewers of the project, while the unforgettable Andrzej Zulawski, Director lecturing, as in author's opinion, this is the masterpiece of his career, without lag and other publications.

Horror Trivia

The "Possession" is the first English-language film by Polish director Andrzej Zulawski. It was originally banned in Britain until 1999.

possession filmThe continuing anguish that the viewer passes the wretched wife, who sees his wife disappears from home continuously and has a mood swings over the usual, with self-harm and vivid outbursts, is inconceivable. The tremor also passes the "sick" woman in the spectator, is incomparable. You do not need and a genius to understand that here we are dealing with daimonismo and by the time she and after waiting for what will be the ending, as they follow gory scenes with blood and crimes.

It is worth noting that Adjani in handjob are excellent and with our eyes and expressions, manages to pass your terror and awe without particular difficulty. The reason all these sets as well as the ending of the story, are left to your discretion to determine those who naturally choose to see this film. A Franco-German production is a great piece of art.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The jerking and trembling of the protagonist in the tunnel.
  • The shot of the curious who discovers what's going on, from the possessed woman.
  • The scenes on the stairs in the last minutes of the film.


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1. Acting.
2. The claustrophobic feeling that governs film.
3. Constant psychological tension, that exists from beginning to end, which does not let you take a breath ...


Perhaps in place of the monster that there was something more presentable (between funny and serious, always ...)

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One of the megaloyrgimata of horror films in General, with emphasis on psychological disfavor, in which a person may enter, in accordance with the metaphysical element, which surrounds it.

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