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Popcorn (1991)

Popcorn (1991)

by 09/03/2014
In "Popcorn" watch the lethal outbreak of a paranoid in a movie where a group of students organizes decadent horror film festival.

Mark Herrier


Ashok Amritraj, Howard Hurst, Torben Johnke, Sophie Hurst


Mitchell Smith, Tod Hackett


Jill Schoelen, Tom Villard, Dee Wallace Stone, Tony Roberts, Ray Walston, Derek Rydall


Paul Zaza

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Century Films, Movie Partners, Trans-Atlantic Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Phantom of the Cinema






Pay to get in, pray to get out.
Buy a bag, go home in a box.
The Possessor. Fifteen years ago, he murdered his family on stage and burned down the theater. Tonight... he's back for an encore!

Box Office

$4.205.000 (ΗΠΑ)




Moderate low-budget slasheraki with measured comic mood is a brief description of this film. Films like "Popcorn" confirm that the slasher has gotten visibly longer lower ride at the end of the 80s and beginning of 90s, until the kiss of life ' Scream ' came a few years later to revive.

What we have here? Almost nothing that we have not seen before on juvenile's school slasher horror films. There is the typical company young, the romance, the irritating chazogkomenes, ligoyrides chazogkomenoi, a paranoid killer, a revenge story that keeps you from the past, a protagonist who suspects the threat but hardly becomes believable etc. And as usual, all of the above are accompanied by grim performances mostly. What to do say the Nice ' Scream Queen ' Jill Schoelen (The Stepfather) when the performance moves generally substandard? There is, of course, Dee Wallace (ET: The Extraterrestial, Cujo) with pretty good presence, but participates very little on events.

Most of the "Popcorn" unfolds within a movie that once functioned as a theater. There a group of students organizes an evening horror Festival where displays to the public various (fictional) horror movies of the 50s with decadent character. In the movie, however, is a schizophrenic killer who begins to xepastreyei team members one by one. The protagonist Maggie believes that the mysterious paranoid is the Lanyard Gates, a psychakias who 50 years ago murdered his family in theatre as a show and now returned to complete his work.

Horror Trivia

Why youngsters protagonists hear reggae music in the sequel film, is that the shooting took place in Jamaica.

Unfortunately, weak direction and tragic interpretations pull down whatever good idea here. And indeed the idea of projection low budget horror films is nice. The films of which a minimum part of witnessing and we look "cult" from the title alone: "Mosquito", "Electrified The Amazing Man" and "The Stench", all offer plenty of jazz to viewers within the film as well as in those of us who enjoy watching BC the fake mechanical mosquito sucking blood from the head of his victims. At the same time care team members to provide extra fun with the audience honored their efforts with bands on stage, with electricity pipeline in the seats so that they experience more realistic "shock" during the "Electrified" The Amazing Man and with several more surprises.

In all this there is the killer who wont to make masks out of his victims which and time, evoking the "Schizo Killer with the saw '. Unfortunately Slayer while could raise the movie with the onset of paranoid, starts somewhere plans and tired with endless vengeance, nature sayings, in so far as not to take him seriously anymore. In limited levels are the bloodshed. The finale is reminiscent of simple Carnival.


Movie Highlights

  • A murder from a fake, giant mosquito that handles the paranoid with remote control.
  • The fictional B movies that are played in the movie, and especially the first titled "Mosquito". Nice idea, able to entertain us in the overall mediocrity.


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Popcorn (1991)

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The wild party within the film as fresh idea differentiates the film from those of class, good presence of Dee Wallace.


Bad interpretations except for a few exceptions, insufficient Slayer, ludicrous finale.

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Moderate horror film/slasher. The few good ideas killed by the general decline in many areas.

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