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Pontypool (2008)

Pontypool (2008)

by 03/03/2014
"Pontypool" focuses on the spread of a virus in a small Canadian town that turns humans into bloodthirsty zombies. The dramatic events described live on the local broadcast radio station which can become sometime target of virus and zombie.

Bruce McDonald


Jeffrey Coghlan, Ambrose Roche


Tony Burgess


Tony Burgess


Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, Georgina Reilly, Hrant Alianak, Rick Roberts, Boyd Banks, Tony Burgess, Rachel Burns


Claude Foisy

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Ponty Up Pictures, Shadow Shows


1 Hour and 33 Minutes (93 Minutes)




English, French


Shut Up Or Die.
Words lose their meaning when you repeat them.



Box Office





In seasons that the discerning horror enthusiasts desperately seek innovative and different, we are happy when we find even occasionally. Following the above reasoning easily understand how valuable a contribution prove the groundbreaking horror films such as the Canadian "Pontypool" in sprucing up our favorite scene. Personally, I ignored (although in geography well) the existence of specific Canadian city that has given its name to this film. After watching the "Pontypool" certainly will remember forever!

The case revolves around the spread of a virus in the small town of Pontypool, Ontario in Canada and violent effects. The infected people are attacked without mercy to the first man she meets and quickly chaos throughout the region. The horrific images broadcast radiofwnikws from the presenter of a play was another routine local broadcast radio station. The unbearable work of presenter and his associates acquires dual importance. On the one hand tells the world about the danger and can relay the right way of dealing with the virus. If of course accomplished little and bolted inside the radio station staff to survive the attack that will accept from contaminated crowds and even more insidious virus!

The smartest feature of "Pontypool" is the sublime idea of substitution action pictures with their narration through descriptions of live radio program! I.e. we don't see with our eyes the carnage as is customary in movies with viruses and zombies but its shape freely in our minds-as when we read a book-listening to survivors ' calls sparaktikes on the station and the dramatic broadcasts of the presenter. Of course at some point happening transported and in the area of the station where the coefficients of the show along with a doctor fighting for their lives while trying to make the "antidote".
But almost never the movie doesn't eliminates the radio character.

Horror Trivia

The film is based on the book by Tony Burgess "Pontypool Changes Everything" who edited and scenario. The idea for the radio style came from the famous broadcasting "The War of the Worlds" of Orson Welles in October 1938, then panic seized the American audience who thought that the Martian invaders attack the Earth that broadcast the show is real!

Intelligent, scenario is not understood as to the familiar theme of virus propagation transforming humans into bloodthirsty creatures, but as to the means of transmission of the virus and the initial symptoms before the total "mutation" of infected. In all there are the extremely realistic interpretations of the actors along with awesome sound effects create an immersive atmosphere and eventually a highly sinister film offers good doses of terror where you didn't expect it. I certainly feel that some viewers probably xinisoyn with the original transmission of the virus but I believe that with a bit of goodwill and an open mind can estimate this inventive script idea. The few complaints I relate too easy finding of "antidote", and the finale which was expecting more dynamic and sophisticated. Generally speaking the "Pontypool" went swimmingly! Always such to have!


Movie Highlights

  • The whole idea of a radio style is highlight by itself.
  • The "death" ads with simultaneous viewing black-and-white images that relay the presenter at some stage of events, making even more heavy atmosphere.
  • A creepy xerato blood inside the station!


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Pontypool (2008)

Διαβάθμιση Gore:
5 = Ατελείωτο λουτρό αίματος - 4 = Πολύ αιματοβαμμένο - 3 = Αιματοβαμμένο - 2 = Ελάχιστα αιματοβαμμένο - 1 = Σταγόνες αίματος - 0 = Ανυπαρξία αίματος

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Fresh and original idea, great performances, the atmosphere of despair, awesome sound, heightened suspense.


Minimum scenario-facilities, finale subordinate of circumstances.

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If you are looking for a fresh idea by the horror scene trust ' Pontypool ' and you won't be disappointed. Finally some originality! Of the best zombie movies of the past decade.

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