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Poltergeist-The Spirit of evil (2015)

Poltergeist-The Spirit of evil (2015)

by 31/05/2015
In ' Poltergeist ' a family moves into a new House that is haunted by malevolent spirits who would kidnap the little girl's family. Other members with the help of an Exorcist trying to bring back the girl facing the supernatural powers.

Gil Kenan


Roy Lee, Sam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert


David Lindsay-Abaire


Steven Spielberg


Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris, Jane Adams, Saxon Sharbino, Kyle Catlett, Kennedi Clements, Susan Heyward, Nicholas Braun, Karen Ivany, Patrick Garrow


Marc Streitenfeld

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Ghost House Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment

Γνωστή και ως



1 Hour and 33 Minutes (93 Minutes)






They know what scares you.



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It is from those remakes that horror audiences faced with a reasonable suspicion and-why not-annoying, as the whole exercise smells "sex tape" from miles away. Actually the ' Poltergeist ' I can't say that I have been eagerly probably as many friends younger ages who have not seen the original film. And this is because I did not see how the world had created in the original Tobe Hooper Poltergeist and Steven Spielberg in the early 80s could renew creatively and to obtain meaningful existence.

An amazingly fanciful world filled with powerful and well executed ideas (with good effect even for today) derived from the inexhaustible talent of authors. It would suffice just today's CGI remake of to excite us? Apparently not and certainly takes talent and skill at multiple levels in order to build a new version of a horror movie karaklasikis with prospect of discrimination.

What has to tell us the new ' Poltergeist '? Unfortunately, nothing new, nothing innovative. Following quite faithfully the storyline of the original film, introduces the typical American family that moves into a new house in the province. There I experienced frightening phenomena as strange sounds, flashing lights unexpectedly attacked by a clown dolls and trees and suchlike. But when the little girl's family is kidnapped by an obscure supernatural family calls home investigators of the paranormal, then a special "Exorcist" spirit on the poltergeist as these are behind the disappearance of the girl.

poltergeist animated

Horror Trivia

Initially there were reflections on the role of father to play one of Tom Cruise or Richard Armitage.

Anyone who has seen the original easily understands that the remake is trying not to deviate significantly from its original source and respect the tradition. Scenes like the scary clown who attacks the boy or the attack from the nearby tree which invades from the window could be considered a tribute to the original. I wouldn't be surprised though if some considered lack of inspiration. A lack of that generally exists throughout the film. Here lies the great failure: can't scare truly introducing ingenious set pieces as did the original ideas. The "drama" of the family can't touch you even slightly, somewhat to shake my child eh your mental stability.

Nothing special interpretations. We have the typical handjob without anyone to impress with his performance. The Sam Rockwell shows more convincing than others, however, and it is a pity is wasted on indifferent productions like this. The film fails and Exorcist. The Jared Harris is just the shade of Zelda Rubinstein, the psychics who had helped the family in the original movie by giving monumental interpretation. Lovers of original film Let's don't even get involved. The rest may find a few good elements but should prefer the original film with a thousand.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The stressful scene where a member of the research team is threatened by an electric saw which lies behind the wall.
  • The scene turning over the family cab toward the finale.


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A few moments with real suspense and terror, relatively good interpretation by Sam Rockwell.


Lack of freshness and reform ideas, anempneysti figuration for the Exorcist, the film's inability to scare or even to shake a little in the larger space.

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Completely unnecessary but procheiroftiagmeno remake. Even those who haven't seen the original film, will probably be disappointed by the Poltergeist.

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