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Pit And The Pendulum-Pendulum of agony (1961)

Pit And The Pendulum-Pendulum of agony (1961)

by 30/06/2015
The "Pit And The Pendulum" travels in 16th-century Spain and more specifically in a vast Castle where the sad owner of laments the unjust loss of his wife. The castle's deceased brother arrives and things get extremely dramatic and terrifying twist ...

Roger Corman


Roger Corman


Richard Matheson


Edgar Allan Poe


Vincent Price, Barbara Steele, John Kerr, Luana Anders


Les Baxter

Γνωστή και ως

Edgar Allan Poe`s Pit and the Pendulum


1 Hour and 20 Minutes (80 Minutes)


She was enslaved by evil in a terror haunted castle.



Box Office





pit pendulum poster 2The contribution of the King of B movies Roger Corman in gothic horror we think raises question. Most are those historical works, especially the Golden sixties, through atmospheric direction of this charismatic filmmaker gave us unforgettable moments of genuine terror pressing often in Evergreen authoring works of Edgar Allan Poe.

To ' The Pit And Pendulum "which we are examining here belongs to the period of inexhaustible creativity of Corman who transferred with distinctive comfort and stunning mastery of Poe stories to Cinéma giving a rare, distinctive color to them. Of course the cooperation with actors-emblems of the scene such as Vincent Price and with the discerning screenwriter Richard Matheson contributed decisively to this titanic effort making the film series known in Piazza as "Poe cycle" a real jewel for the scene of horror cult. On the movie now …

By the time her brother eklipoysas arrives at the Castle, a succession of mysterious events troubling the Viewer by creating reasonable suspicions about the role of its residents. What is the real purpose of each character? Who is honest and who plays (possibly) Gammon? What were the actual circumstances under which he died the Castle owner's sister (Vincent Price)? It is true the sadness and the descent into madness of her husband or bogus? And who's playing that age-old "Piano" leaving dead objects on it?

Horror Trivia

Today the use of "pendulum" as a method of torture to extract confession of the victim is disputed by some historians.

pit pendulumBeyond the provocative questions, make a macabre film and connection with the past of sokarismenoy husband and his sister (in flashbacks by magical blue) which leads to terrible father who practiced grisly torture unfortunately victims as Inquisitor he was. One, horrible "pending" where the massive sharp blade of oscillated agonizing over the victim's body, seeing it being used in the final sequences when shocking truths unfold in front of our astonished eyes.

No need to say more. Fans of gothic horror paliomoditikoy know what to expect. Propose and in younger viewers to see the "Pit And The Pendulum" in order to get a glimpse of that magical Decade for the cult fright that gave masterpieces such as the present. Undisputed protagonist once again, the only Vincent Price with the known theatrikotita of showcases classic Corman's chores here in the highest degree. Our compliments …

Pit And The Pendulum

Movie Review Highlights
  • All the flashbacks that recounted by the heroes. The blue color gives them a unique charm.
  • The shocking scene where residents in Castle discover a female corpse in a grave.
  • Throughout the last quarter where and see the torture device with enormous sharp blade to put into use.
  • The last last scene of the movie that you transmit this incredible area shudders …


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Great interpretation for the umpteenth time by Vincent Price, piercing the atmosphere, atmospheric mystery with some clever flashbacks showing the blue color, intelligent script with terrible overthrow, snappy pace that kills every trace baremaras, rich suspense especially in the last quarter of the film.


Very difficult to pinpoint negatives in this masterpiece.

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One of the immortal monuments of gothic horror of 60s and perhaps his best work of the great Roger Corman.

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