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Pet Sematary-Cemetery Live (1989)

Pet Sematary-Cemetery Live (1989)

by 10/05/2014
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Stephen King's Pet Sematary


1 Hour and 43 Minutes (103 Min)


Sometimes dead is better.
A Pet Isn't Just For Life.



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 Case: "Pet Sematary" revolves around a family that moves into the new cottage in the countryside. Near the House there is a animal cemetery and another lurid place hides dark secrets. After a dreary loss of family member, the father would be flirting with the forbidden secrets of the region despite the advice of his neighbor does not …

"Pet Sematary" is considered one of the most loyal transport Stephen King's novel into a film. In addition it is considered one of the top jobs while the film happen analogue warmly and evaluation. The case revolves around the family of Creeds that just moved to their new country house. There you will get acquainted with the elderly neighbor Jud Crandall, who will inform them about the peculiarities of the region. The road outside their home is particularly dangerous after massive trucks pass daily with dizzying speed. There is also a path nearby which leads to a cemetery in the forest animals. Many young children buried there their pets killed in the dangerous road.

So far so good because the part beyond the small cemetery are "forbidden". There is an old Indian Cemetery with the supernatural ability to resurrect the dead. Mr. Crandall seems to know the secrets of Satanic cemetery and warns the Creeds that sometimes "death is preferable". It will all come down to family life which will be disrupted by unexpected losses. The nearby cemetery will be tempted to regain that lost members, ignoring the warning of their neighbor …

Horror Trivia

The role of the father of the family Creed originally was to play the protagonist of "The Evil Dead" Bruce Campbell.

The interesting this case surrounded by interesting cast and quality acting (with some mikroexaireseis). The remarkable directorial job from Mary Lambert manages to give the novel a balanced television without lacks vitality and atmosphere. Indeed one of the characteristics of "Pet Sematary" is keeping a morbid atmosphere, stemming from the influential concepts such as death and the possibility of afterlife. Night shots of the Woods and the cemetery enhance dark atmosphere. Sometimes the movie becomes uncomfortable with the "unjust" deaths that occur as distressing images such as dead animals that are stuck in the ground frozen but at least be matching with the macabre theme of the case. The pace is relatively balanced, neither too fast nor too slow, with dead spots is minimal. In similar balanced levels is gore.

The characters stand out arguably the elderly neighbor whom he impersonates a great Fred Gwynne, the well-known family of the legendary Frankenstein ' The Munsters ' from the famous horror comic series. There is a brief instance of Stephen King in the role of priest for those seeking details. Finish with the self-titled hit "Pet Sematary" by the Ramones legendary is the ideal to rock the bodybuilders! In General, if you want a horror movie from Stephen King's book transfer for your sabbatobrado, the Pet Sematary "" could be located within 5-6 initial options from the long list of the King of horror writing.

Pet Sematary

Movie Highlights

  • The repulsive figure-Phantom of the imisarabaliasmeno head that appears from time to time by influencing the course of events.
  • The even more repulsive image of an ill sister of the mother of the family Creed which appears in memories. This skeletwmeni form causes real shudders not just young children!
  • The mangling of a neck with offender a nekranastimeno kid!
  • The macabre and erotic finale!

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Several eerie scenes, convincing dark atmosphere, good acting, robust Director.


A few dead spots in the plot, maybe that becomes too nasty to points.

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A very good choice from the extensive list of Stephen King's books transport film that offers generous doses of fear, horror and macabre.

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