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Peeping Tom-the voyeur (1960)

Peeping Tom-the voyeur (1960)

by 08/06/2015
"Peeping Tom" tells the gruesome story of a young filmmaker who murders young women and photographing the tromagmenes their facial expressions at the time of their murder.

Michael Powell


Michael Powell


Leo Marks


Karlheinz Böhm, Anna Massey, Moira Shearer, Maxine Audley, Pamela Green, Breanda Bruce, Esmond Knight, Michael Goodliffe, Jack Watson, Martin Miller, Miles Malleson


Brian Easdale

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Michael Powell (Theatre)

Γνωστή και ως

Face of Fear


1 Hour and 41 Minutes (101 Minutes)


Great Britain




Don't dare tell the ending to anyone - you'll be blamed for nightmares!






How is it possible to have pull out a historical film on the site of the thriller and horror which is responsible for the destruction of your career? Yet, this controversial Squadron waited for the great British Director Michael Powell after he released the "Peeping Tom" at the dawn of the 1960s. This film was considered so disturbing and despicable for the season until flying to one reviewer suggested for this "abomination".

"Peeping Tom" deals with the themes of voyeurism and paranoia with raw realism that nails. Adopt an intelligent, sophisticated cinematic style … through the same killer camera. Introduces one of the most mentally ill killers we've seen whose criminal work foisted as ' art ' in the morbid cerebral microcosm. Along with the film's Manic voyeurism, wallow and we, the viewers, to the guilty pleasure of tracking banned moments with terrifying usually ending. There is nothing more scary than the same fear, teaches the slayer of film, and takes care to confirm every time recording the last moments of the victims of which are exclusively young women.

peepingThe Mark is a young photographer and filmmaker who works in film shooting as well as a private photographer. Behind the bright face hides a ruthless serial killer with a unique Vice: he likes to recording his victims while killing the agonising immortalizing their facial expressions. Expressions truly horrifying caused not only by the fear of imminent death but from what they see during their killing – the big surprise of the finale that raises our hair!

Horror Trivia

In the film there's a Director's cameo appearance in the role of his father Mark where we see for very little in old film that retains the Mark to his collection.

Genius idea that resolves into an extremely contrived and well-written movie. Of course the chitskokikes influences is more than evident in the "Peeping Tom" – especially on the theme of voyeurism – though the Powell, who had previously worked on Hitchcock's films, he managed to give a unique style to his work. The protagonist Carl Boehm is excellent in the role of voyeurism serial killer with his eye to dangerous polishes. The bright colors and the agonizing music make the film even more rich and vivid. The finale comes somewhat abruptly but essentially renders justice that circumstances require.

Despite the cries of indignation and revulsion of the distant past, the ' Peeping Tom ' rather than just survived a severe attack, but proved to be particularly epidrastiko and Evergreen for the horror movie inspiring many later filmmakers and films. Now considered a classic of its kind and enjoys wide appreciation. Its inclusion on lists of leading international film or dangerous forms are most common. You really dare to see it?

Peeping Tom

Movie Review Highlights
  • Each facial expression startled victim is a unique highlight!
  • The appalling scenes between Mark and her mother Helen at the first studio.
  • The dramatic finale.


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Original and genuinely creepy theme that culminates in the murder scenes visually, a great variety of vivid colours, presence of one of the most insane serial killers that we have seen in horror cinema, this creepy piano that accompanies the scenes with suspense ...


The not particularly rich list of victims, slightly abrupt ending.

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Movie station on voyeuristic horror cinema with significant influence in shaping future idioms like the slasher. From the great moments of the old British horror.

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