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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones-Metaphysical Activity: Stigmatismenoi (2014)

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones-Metaphysical Activity: Stigmatismenoi (2014)

by 06/05/2014
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Paramount Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Room 101, Solana Films

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Paranormal Activity: The Oxnard Tapes


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 Case: In "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked" two friends searching the apartment of a fimologoymenis witch who recently murdered. In the coming days, one of the two friends was occupied by a dark force threatening those around him.

From the screenwriter of last three ' Paranormal Activity ' Christopher Landon comes this spin-off entitled "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked". Inevitably the great commercial success of the franchise would not gather dust by producers trying to conserve the world's interest in another film, the truth is somewhat different from the rest.

In keeping with the tradition of found footage style, "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked" presents the life of two friends, Jesse's sealant and Hector, who embark on an adventurous tangle supernatural entities, diabolical magic and many more dark surprises. All recorded with the camera manual and the whole adventure entangled and a friend. Children investigate the apartment beneath his home where Jesse recently murdered a young girl who had a reputation as the witch. But their research poses serious risks whose marks will appear soon … in Jesse's hand. From the moment that appears the mysterious mark on Jesse's hand, the youngster gains supernatural powers which in principle enjoys but then become nightmare transforming young into something dark and spooky. His friends and his grandmother trying to help in a variety of ways but the nightmare doesn't seem to finish …

Certainly discern a trend for differentiation from "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked". For example the events – scary and non – not limited to a single home but develop into various places where moving heroes. Of course, shifting the action in many environments do not always act positively as it deprives the film the claustrophobic character that captivated us in previous installments of the franchise. Certainly there are eerie scenes but is not so strong and fresh. Some certainly have and jazz like that the scene that one of the protagonists in the blink of an xepastreyei two alitampoyres who attempt to rob them on the road.

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«Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones "is the second directorial effort of Christopher Landon. Had preceded the comic thriller ' Burning Palms ' of 2010.

Another problem from which he suffers "Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked" is a lack of logic on the videotaped footage. In other words the camera of Heroes remains open recording facts that there was no reason to be filmed. This course is a common problem with gyrismenwn movies found footage technique, but in this film exceeded even the most permissible tolerances across in this absurdity. The script also makes water finding easy solutions out there that you don't expect. And I'm not referring to the earnest effort that tape to connect the present with the past but in separate scenario-rough stuff.

So what is the final verdict? It is a mediocre film that follows the usual patterns of metaphysical film horror. Attempting an ambitious connection with previous films of the franchise but without reaching the pinnacle of inspiration. If you are fond of past Paranormal Activity will probably like it but will not be impressed. If you don't have a particular preference in franchise films then the ' Paranormal Activity: The Ones Marked "will leave you indifferent.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Movie Highlights

  • The spectacular and sudden scene that Jesse pulls knock oyt at once two Street bums.
  • A sudden and chilling fall from a great height.
  • The horrifying finale where the present meets the past through the culture that developed the franchise of Paranormal Activity.

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Honest effort to diversify, relatively good interpretations, a few imaginative scenes of horror and shock, the inventive idea Union of history of this film in the franchise's past.


A lot of unrealistic situations, some gullible scenes without purpose, many scenario-based facilities and backsliding.

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Medium spin-off strictly recommended to friends of the franchise.

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