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Ouija-Ouija Spirit Board, (2014)

Ouija-Ouija Spirit Board, (2014)

by 25/11/2014
The "Ouija" follows a group of young people trying to communicate with a dead friend through the famous spirit table, known as the Ouija board. During their effort awaken dangerous metaphysical forces.
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Universal Pictures, Hasbro, Media Rights Capital, Platinum Dunes, Blumhouse Productions


1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)


Keep telling yourself it's just a game.



Box Office

$67.000.000 (έως 23-11-2014)




The notorious table spirits aka Ouija board within the circles dealing with the paranormal, has frequent presence on the scene of horror or with entire movies that focus on him either with occasional mention of as in "Paranormal Activity" (2007). This table answers forgotten horror movies past decades like the cult ' Witchboard ' of 1986 (which experienced two more sequel in the 1990s), the Turkish Exorcist remake (!) "Seytan" (1974), but in later productions such as the British "Long Time Dead" (2002), "" Necromentia (2009) etc.

So another production, American this time, bring back on track the terrifying array and adopt just his name. The "Ouija" with a relatively small budget already scans at the international box office – something rather expected – and it seems will join in the successful horror scene mediocrities – a category with several films to her credit in recent years.

Protrexame little did? Indeed, but believe me there is not much to say about this movie. We have the typical youthful company that merges here with metaphysical forces through the spirit table. Young people were forced to use the Ouija board because of an unexpected death of their friend who was last with the said table. Expected, awakened a diabolic supernatural power that threatens and now trying to get rid of this.

Horror Trivia

It is rumored that some of the cast members experienced paranormal experiences after the shooting of the film. This is the first horror film of Hasbro studios and an Egyptian film of 2006 with the same name and similar story.

The "Ouija" nothing that we have not seen before. Typical jump scares come and go, the scenario-based facilities are desperately trying to mobilize the (whatever) plot while boring protagonists stand simply as fillings in this bittersweet cocktail of modern terror who serves us the rookie Director Stiles White. And I say bittersweet because occasionally we come across a few moments with intensity, suspense and terror as well as a positive participation of the beloved in the horror audience Lin Shaye (see Insidious movies) in the context of an interesting Subversion. Generally, however, the film moves firmly on the path of mediocrity.

The "Ouija" is recommended mainly to ardent friends of the supernatural field as well as in Esperanto the namesake table breeze invocation of demons, ghosts and other kalikatzaraiwn. I was the more forgiving I. ..


Movie Review Highlights

  • A chilling suicide towards the beginning.
  • A brutal murder in the bathroom where the victim's mouth seems to be stitched with dental floss.
  • The terrifying character sightings that sees the protagonist through the tile of the Ouija board.


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Sporadic tromares, the brief participation of subversive have been asserted and always welcome in horror movies Lin Shaye.


Too banal scenario with many conveniences and backsliding, many jaded characters.

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Banal and metaphysical series thrileraki procheirogrammeno. Can keep pleasant company to lovers of supernatural horror films but don't expect great things or situations that we haven't seen before.

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