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Open Grave-Open Tomb (2013)

Open Grave-Open Tomb (2013)

by 02/06/2014
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1 hour and 42 Minute (102 Minutes)


The moment you wake up, the nightmare begins



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 Plot: in the ' Open ' Grave a man wakes up in an open-air pit full of corpses with no memories of who he is and what happened. A woman helps him get out of the pit and soon the man ends up in a nearby house with four other people with no memory of their identity and of speech that were found there. When they try to find answers are unearthed shocking revelations that will affect their relations dramatically …

From the Director of "Apollo18" (2011) Gonzalo López-Gallego, comes this suspenseful horror film with the title psarwtiko. "Open My Grave" has caused interest from beginning by reading just the case. A man wakes up inside a pit filled with corpses somewhere in the countryside having lost every recollection. Not remember nor who he is nor how found there. Eventually, survives from a girl of Asian ethnicity (at least as seen by its characteristics) and ends in a nearby house where others are concentrated four unknown people with similar memory loss. Despite initial suspicions about whom everyone and especially the guy who stood in the pit, the unknowns are trying to find answers for the conditions that brought them to this squadron starting research within and outside the home. The chilly revelations shocking …

The case and the events of the original reminded me a little too good suspense thriller "Unknown" of 2006. Beyond this accidental or intentional similarity "Open Grave" in quickly rolling out the virtues of keeping the interest until the end without lots of dead spaces. As the unknown actors explore areas within the House and in the surrounding woods, as interest intensifies and the mystery. Short memories come to mind some but fail to join their pieces completed puzzle. The shocking discoveries that have fatal consequences for relations of heroes. The action culminates in the right spot and the answers come eventually, leave a taste of satisfaction to viewers who definitely distinguish an air of freshness to the film, at a time when the horror genre has really need.

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The shooting of "Open Grave" made in Hungary.

As you understand I'm trying not to give further hints on the development of "Open Grave" in order not to deprive you the fun mantepsiwn process in which we will certainly proceed during monitoring. This whole climate mystery, uncertainty, despair and hopelessness coupled with bouts of suspense and escalating action, make the work of Gonzalo López-Gallego particularly attractive. The ghoulish aesthetic developed gradually with skill, capturing the viewer in generally unhealthy environment of ' Open Grave ".

Of course, the film is not perfect and occasionally suffers from some imperfections in the staple piece. A few blanks from here and from there to the compiling of history, a few annoying conveniences to all narrative structure slightly degrades the work but luckily they can't demolish the solid edifice built by Spanish filmmaker and scriptwriters. Few complaints I have and for the inadequate development and exploitation of specific characters that definitely could join in events with the most intelligent way. Somewhere here but stop the complaints and I return to the overall image that makes the "Open Grave". This is undoubtedly something more than just good. See without many qualms.

Open Grave

Movie Highlights

  • The dark and mysterious beginnings where the protagonist awakens in the tomb with the corpses.
  • The stalking two actors from "alafiasmenoys people" in the Woods.
  • The macabre and shocking finale of "Open Grave".

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Well-made mystery, atmosphere of hopelessness and despair, macabre atmosphere, rich suspense, interesting revelations-responses to the scenario.


Some scenario-shortcomings and simplifications, insufficient development and utilization of some characters.

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Interesting horror film with a lot of suspense, rich mystery, ghoulish aesthetic and dramatic revelations. With a little more sophisticated scenario you were talking about a great movie.

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