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Oculus-the mirror of hell (2013)

Oculus-the mirror of hell (2013)

by 16/06/2014
In the "Oculus" a young girl tries to prove that the death of her parents not responsible her brother but a fiendish mirror with supernatural properties and kill the older owners.

Mike Flanagan


Marc D. Evans, Trevor Macy, Jason Blum


Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard


Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Rory Cochrane, Katee Sackhoff


The Newton Brothers

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Intrepid Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, WWE Studios


1 Hour and 44 Minutes (104 Min)






You see what it wants you to see.



Box Office

$44.000.000 (έως 03/102014)




It is true that I was not particularly optimistic about the "Oculus" by Mike Flanagan. Shortly the various videos that we had seen before its release, just the assumption that smelled a bit cliché by General miles, my reluctance for modern horror cinema that has been plagued by iterations and spend food, definitely not the best omen for the new work of Flanagan.

rory cochrane

However, the general picture of "Oculus" after watching shows that its creator has made considerable effort to diversify so that the film would not resemble another metaphysical thrileraki of the series. This managed to some extent with the ingenious and elaborate editing, events showcasing the script in parallel time without damaging the coherence of the film. Let's see the theme around which moves the notorious "Mirror of hell" (What this title? The archaic genitive-of-hell strongly resembles those picturesque Greek titles of cult era of VHS!).

In the "Oculus" protagonists are two young brothers, Tim and Kaylie, which reunited after many years, with Kaylie has put into mobilizing an ambitious project: to prove that their parents ' death was not due to small acts then her brother but in a mysterious mirror-antique that has dangerous metaphysical properties. For this reason, Kaylie has transferred the mirror in their childhood home and placed in a room filled with cameras in order to capture the malicious activity and to reveal the truth about the devilish nature. At home goes and her brother (after I came out from the mental hospital) who challenges the validity of the effort of his sister but convinced due to some unexpected events. At the same time the events of the past from the same home unfold on our screens and interact with this by exerting influence on the current reality of Tim and Kaylie.

The clever trick of Flanagan to depict the events of the past and present in parallel time is 100% successful. In fact this is the main reason that the film keeps you the interest until the end and creates an image of renewal that varies from the beaten track. Worthwhile work they do and the actors whose performances are really good. Thus the "Oculus" turns out the image of a serious and professional like film, which needed to win at least the first assessment of the audience. The bet then is transferred to the other key elements associated with scenario, the ideas, the excitement, the atmosphere, the terror. How satisfactory are well in all this?

Horror Trivia

The film is an evolution of the Director's short film of which is called "Oculus: Chapter 3-The Man with the Plan".

karen gillan

The truth is that the central idea fails to excite and innovate. We have the case of the accursed object with metaphysical overtones, a chiliopaigmeni idea. Be that as it may, however, Flanagan could enrich the concept with more spicy details making it deeper, but unfortunately did not. Beyond the klisarismeni recursion in the file mirror victims makes the Kaylie, not given satisfactory answers about the mirror and how it came to be so devilish. There is not a well-written, dynamic and inspiring story that highlights the main villain of the film is the mirror-antique.

Another thing with spoiled are the supposedly appalling figures with mirrors instead of eyes that occasionally appear from the main mirror in order to scare the Viewer. Well the whole soyloypi the left me completely indifferent, with specific forms to pass but not to touch, at least as it should. The terror there is sporadic, with a few scenes of supernatural type but with strong dramatic developments from the past that led the parents of two children to death. Ending earmarks a small shock with addition of a few but essential blood drops.

In general the "Oculus" is an earnest job with touches of freshness, but as a whole fails to satisfy. If the above add that moves somewhat lazily, then understand why we cannot give them praise his work polypothitoys Flanagan, as though we believed in it originally.


Movie Highlights

  • A terrifying and psarwtki scene in first Wed-a-Tet of the heroine with the mirror where he sees the reflection of a statue above than actually exist.
  • The shocking scene with Kaylie biting a bulb instead of Apple with bloody results.
  • The dramatic and unexpected finale.


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Smart and tight editing, good interpretations, sporadic scenes of shock and horror, dramatic climate, shocking ending.


Several incomplete and poorly crafted ideas, show several clichés, some annoying scenario conveniences, indolent pacing.

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While as a film is kalogyrismeno, the "Oculus" leaves the feeling that many are missing and eventually to floods with mixed feelings.

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