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Nightwatch (1997)

Nightwatch (1997)

The "Nightwatch" tells the story of a young law student who gets a job as a night watchman in a morgue and entangled in a mysterious tangle of murder and crime.

Ole Bornedal


Michael Obel


Ole Bornedal, Steven Soderbergh


Ewan McGregor, Patricia Arquette, Josh Brolin, Lauren Graham, Nick Nolte


Joachim Holbek

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Dimension Films, Michael Obel Productions, Thura Film


1 Hour and 41 Minutes (101 Minutes)






He's the prime suspect in a terrifying mystery. The police are after him and so is the murderer.
In the mind of the police, he's the prime suspect. In the eyes of a killer, he's the next victim.
What if someone you trusted was setting you up? What if you were the final piece in a brilliant serial killer's puzzle? The night holds the secret.
He's a full-time college student who just took the wrong part-time job. Now he's the final piece in a brilliant serial killer's puzzle.

Box Office

$1.278.516 (ΗΠΑ)




The “Nightwatch” is an American remake of the very good Danish film Nattevagten ‘ horror ‘ of 1994. It is directed and written by the same Director, Ole Bordenal, with the difference that in the scenario of the American version, there is also the contribution of the great Director Steven Soderbergh. Let us come now in the movie …

The young Martin (Ewan McGregor) is a law student and manages to find slavery as a night watchman in ‘ a morgue. His friends James (Josh Brolin) and Marie but also his girlfriend Katherine (Patricia Arquette) trying to convince him but to no avail. The first day in his new bondage is enough to begin to doubt himself for his selection. The building is dark, cold, empty with the exception of dead corpses that surrounded him. Fear is the dominant emotion of the protagonist. A fear which multiplied because of the odd caretaker who frightens Martin with several otherworldly stories (someone must see janitor corpses and someone else committed suicide).

As if all this were not enough, the first shift learns from the news that circulates a serial killer who kills and rapes her prostitutes, whose corpses will not longer to arrive at the morgue that working himself. The story is complicated even further when his friend James, a young egwpathis who seeks adventure and action manages to convince Martin to found with a hooker (Joyce) to have fun …. A few days later, Joyce bothering with various calls him Martin. In one of them answers the Katherine who learns about the impropriety of her boyfriend and decides to visit the Joyce. When she arrives at home sees the young prostitute dead on the bed … As if this were not enough the Katherine realizes that someone still resides at home.

Horror Trivia

The photo in the Office of the Superintendent that observes the Martin is real photo of Lewis Paine, one of the conspirators in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

This one is a killer himself, from whom I managed to escape without getting captured. The Martin thinks his friend James is the killer and deliberately got caught with the prostitute, to find someone to blame for the killings. O Head Detective of the case believes the murderer is Martin as all elements of the case leading to him. Martin’s girlfriend is unable to believe that her boyfriend is a psycho killer. The James denies accusations of his friend and tries to convince him that something really weird is going on and that someone has manipulated information so that implicated the Martin. The final answer to the question of who really is the killer and what is the motive will be given after an unexpected meeting of all of the above … But who else, in the morgue!!!

It is an imaginative horror film with quite simple but awesome twists, very loud sound effects and very good performances. Certainly one of the highly notable horror films of the 1990s, a decade that unfortunately did not manage to impress the discerning-after the 80s-audience. From a dark scenes and the creepy environment guarantee shudders of terror and on the other the grisly murders and dead corpses you will cause horror and disgust. The “Nightwatch” is a very good choice for all who love horror films.


Movie Highlights

  • When the alarm is ringing from the room with the corpses (sheer horror).
  • The scene at the House of the prostitute and the near-encounter with Katherine’s killer.
  • The scene with the corpse that disappeared from the vault.
  • When James cut his finger to pull out the handcuffs.


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Nightwatch (1997)

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Very very good casting and acting, awesome sound effects, a really nice finish with Subversion that nobody expects.


There are some small gaps in the case, Patricia Arquette's participation time should clearly be higher as it is a very good actress (Nightmare on Elm Street, Stigmata) and very nice woman. Also there should be more scenes of crimes and blood.

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Here there Slayer Slayer who is the murderer? … Look for the "Nightwatch" and you will not miss!

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