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Night Screams-Screams of terror (1987)

Night Screams-Screams of terror (1987)

by 22/11/2015
A young athlete organises a farewell party at his house before leaving with a scholarship to Oklahoma. At the same time two paranoid escape from a mental institution and end up in the athlete's home. Starts great slaughter ...

Allen Plone


Richard Caliendo, Dillis L. Hart, Sr., Jack Isgro


Mitch Brian, Dillis L. Hart II


Michael Linn

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Prism Pictures


1 Hour and 28 Minutes (88 Min)






In The Dark... No One Can See You Scream!
Tonight their screams will fall on dead ears.




In the second half of the 1980s and particularly towards the end, the once fresh and dynamic slasher's subspecies found in a prolonged period of decline. The lack of fresh ideas and prwtotypiwn in conjunction with the meager productions had tired of the public having lead the idiom in a deep quagmire from which didn't seem brief pullback. A typical sample of problem situation is and the "Night Screams" no, of course, is the most representative example of decline nor the worst movie of sorts.

Nevertheless remains a highly watered-down slasher garnering all the typical traits that characterized the plethora of mediocre slashers: Prosaic case scenario-Funnily enough, bad acting by atalantwn group, mostly young cast, up to anoysioi inane dialogs, naked girls zoymerwn shots and numerous murders for the show. Course on "Night Screams" is a particular inconsistency: it is a slasher with overly inflated number of murders that if I've counted correctly speak of killing 19 cases (!!), but despite the extensive carnage standing helpless to shock as we would expect.

Horror Trivia

Brief participation in "Night Screams" have some/few porno star of the era.

The case does not restrict innovation. Two maniacs the crashing of an institution and after cleaning a few unfortunates who happened to find themselves in their way, invading in a house where a young party. The House belongs to a young athlete who recently got a scholarship to Oklahoma College hence the send-off where invited his friends. As expected the guests are murdered one by one …

The film starts abruptly with several murder scenes to dominate in our screen. Subsequently monitor the boring facts around the scholarship of the protagonist, the congratulations of his friends and parents, preparing for the party, early party in a club, until you pass it with an annoying delay in violent happenings of the second party at the home of the athlete. From the huge list of murder cases that stand out among them a crushing underneath car, a burning face in barbecue, a murder by dropping poison in sauna, a chop at loyomenis head slightly reminiscent of "Dementia 13" and Coppola's a drowning with billiard cue. Despite plenty of murders "Night Screams" remains distinctive levels without the endless pools of blood that may expect. Soon the full moon shots appear just before or after a number of killings. Good idea though somewhat klisarismeni.

There are certainly shocking shortcomings in all areas mentioned above. In some cases the film becomes too idiotic as in scenes that the hero-athlete zalizetai bringing in memory of previous scenes dialogues with friends and parents. The unneeded these scenes accompanied by unacceptable for horror movie sound effects that cause laughter. Fortunately, there is an interesting reversal to the finale that some might have suspected before, while a point is obvious effort of the screenplay to confuse the Viewer. These few peculiarities preserved somewhat "Night Screams" from the pile and prevent us from getting the call rubbish. Characterisation is simply mediocre slasher.

Night Screams

Movie Review Highlights
  • The murder of one storey in barbecue where his face becomes one with the burgers cooked to follow and an impressive piroynia millstone!
  • A nice chop on top of the head of a girl at the time you swam in a pool.
  • The subversive and unpredictable finale.


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Numerous murders some of which are highly inspired, an interesting reversal towards the finale, beautiful and atmospheric shots with the full moon dominating.


Bad interpretations, naive dialogues, typical and sometimes idiotic script, signs of unprofessionalism in directing.

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Extremely modest slasher in a period of decline for the idiom. Recommended only for the very slasherakides fanatics.

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