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Nattevagten-the night watchman (1994)

Nattevagten-the night watchman (1994)

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Thura Film, DR Fiktion, Det Danske Filminstitut, Obel Film

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1 Hour and 47 Minutes (107 Min)


De søger en nattevagt, Martin er ikke mørkeræd, han har kun et problem... han får jobbet !


 Plot: the young law student Martin (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) finds a job as a night watchman at a morgue in order to pay for his studies. While on a tour of the morgue's premises from the previous watchman learns that had happened many years ago a terrible scandal in the morgue that sygkalyftike. The Martin so begins working at the morgue and is naturally a bit nervous. After some days bring the corpse of a prostitute who has brutally murdered from a presistent killer. And from this point to begin to happen strange things. Because of a stupid bet with the glued, Martin is considered a suspect for the murder of two women. I managed the Martin to prove his innocence? Or maybe is not so innocent as it seems?

I started to watch the movie with great trepidation. But he managed to leave me dumbfounded. Combines several genres. Comedy, drama, mystery, suspense. Is a fictional alloy types. From the beginning of the film the mysterious plot. The atmosphere of the film is dark, full of anxiety about what will happen in the next scene. The scenes where Martin checks whether all at the morgue is okay exude terror. Appropriate doses of suspense and terror which is in perfect harmony with the comic character of two friends. The friendship of two men is hilarious as the couple with their tales succeed every time to ridicule themselves.

Horror Trivia

Exposed American adaptation of the film in 1997, certainly not this level. The Ole Bornedal also directed and adapted by Steven Soderbergh but wrote a new script based on the original film by Bornedal.

Excellent plot that reveals the reality of the moment that the Director considers appropriate. Who is the victim and who the aggressor; What is the secret behind the murders; Unpredictable script, full of anguish. It is well-written and does not resemble the iota classic ' Amerikanies ' that we are accustomed to seeing. Many movies have been influenced by this brilliance. Two of these are the Saw and another in El cuerpo (2012). Both of these films have stolen from the aesthetics and the idea of Nattevagten. But to imply that the two of them is not shocking. But once again we find that parthenogenesis does not exist.

Great performances by all the actors with those of Martin and Jens (Bodnia Kin) stand out. Without a lot of excesses, unnecessary scenes and repetitions, the movie keeps you in suspense for almost 2 whole hours that you don't see when already passed. I don't have to say anything else about the movie. Most of the information will reveal a lot. I highly recommend you.


Movie Highlights

  • The scenes that unfold in the morgue.
  • H scene in the restaurant.
  • Paragraph that all fickle.

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The well-written script, meticulous direction and evolution of the plot.



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An unrecognized brilliance that deserve our attention and a perioptis position in our film library.

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