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The Mummy-Mummy (1932)

The Mummy-Mummy (1932)

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King of the Dead


1 Hour and 13 Minutes (73 Minutes)


It comes to life!




 Case: In "The Mummy", in 1921 after excavations in Egypt, archaeologists are discovering the mummy of Imhotep, an Egyptian high priest who was sentenced to death for sacrilege. Inside the Tomb they find a box which contains the Papyrus of Thoth, who has the ability to bring the dead to life. One of the archaeologists reads the parchment and awakens the Mummy. The mummy is leaving the site of excavations, the archaeologist mad and go ten years ahead. The Mummy appears again in the area excavated, with the human form and helps archaeologists discover the tomb of a priestess whom loved the Im-Ho-Tep. The movement of this ultimate purpose. Trying to unite with the Priestess who is the reincarnation of a new and beautiful woman.

mummy karloffClassic 1932 movie that has been adapted countless times successfully and other other unsuccessfully. The film begins with the theme music from "Swan Lake". Relies much on atmosphere created. The lighting, the concentration on the look of Boris Karloff and the imposing appearance give the film something spooky and scary. The makeup of the mummy is incredible, if you compare it with the time and resources they had.

Horror Trivia

Used several layers of cotton to create the rytidiasmeno effects of the Mummy. The result was the Karloff cannot even speak.

mummy 1932Evolve quickly since it lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes. And I think that is enough. Not into unnecessary details and does not have scenes which are simply there to fill up the movie. The rest of the cast of actors is excellent and we find again the Edward Van Sloan as Doctor Muler and David Manners as Frank Whemple, the archaeologist who awakens the Mummy. We had seen them as Van Helsing and Harker John in the movie Dracula 1931.

The Mummy

Movie Review Highlights

  • The awakening of the Mummy.
  • The history of the high priest and how he ended up being buried alive.
  • The end of the film.

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The lighting and atmosphere of the film



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Classic movie-in my humble opinion none of the remixes that followed failed to touch either the atmosphere or even in aesthetics.

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