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Mimic (1997)

Mimic (1997)

by 10/06/2014
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1 Hour and 45 Minutes (105 Min)


For thousands of years, man has been evolution's greatest creation... until now.
This summer, brace yourself for the ultimate battle between man and nature.
A Bold Experiment. A Deadly Mistake!
We protect ourselves by destroying our enemies but evolution has a way of keeping things alive.
Evolution has a way of keeping things alive.



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 Case: The "Mimic" focuses on the painful consequences that had an experiment which once saved humanity from an extremely deadly epidemic. Insects used then as "remedies" have evolved into a killing machine for the man and the scientist who created is now trying to neutralize.

The Guillermo del Toro never hid its sympathy for the monsters. The ' Mimic ' is the second full length horror film director in Mexikanoy which shows another, this fetish for insects. And as you understand the combination of insects and monsters creates a horrific creature or creatures who are better and the scary film decor.

In principle given the explanation of the existence of these insects. Were made through genetic engineering by an ambitious scientist under address a deadly epidemic distributed by cockroaches, affecting mainly children. This scientist has created a new kind of insect that was killing cockroaches and was destined to disappear soon. But that this was not done and the mutant insects evolved in the sewers of the city without being understood. After a few months, mysterious deaths and some entomologikoy type elements inducing the scientist to seek answers in the sewers. Together with the scientist's wife, also a colleague and a police station, will find themselves faced with an ineffable nightmare unless they end, the risk to the human population will be more than serious.

Horror Trivia

To "Mimic" has not managed to overcome its budget after it was released in theaters. However two meaningless sequels have found the road to traffic …

The theme of ' Mimic ' conjures up the tips of all sages moralists of the press not to pick on the nature and suchlike. The concepts of mutation and imitation, very often localized in the manuals concerning the evolution of species (especially the first) are the supporting pillars of the script. Assisted by good for age effects and the dark sewers space creates an ideal environment for producing terrifying scenes and aimatobammenwn meetings between heroes and monsters.

However, implementing non-sufficiently sicken those exploiting favorable factors. I.e. neither too there is gore, nor plausibility to the actions of actors and the storyline. Distinguish also poor character development and a lack of fresh ideas. Guillermo del Toro in General is not in top form who will meet him in subsequent work – not only from the horror. Concerning the actors just do their job well without giving something extra.


Movie Highlights

  • Imitation human persons from the monstrous insects. Makes them look eerie and menacing.

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Nice idea with enough originality, scary enemy, stunning effects, enough action at the appropriate environment within the sewers.


Poor character development, unexpected lack of gore, lack of innovation in the scenario, some naive and unrealistic statements and actions.

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Uneven work from a great Director. Definitely could have accomplished much more in this film.

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