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The Midnight Meat Train-Midnight Train (2008)

The Midnight Meat Train-Midnight Train (2008)

by 15/06/2014
"The Midnight Meat Train" revolves around a persistent photographer who follows the trail of a serial killer who kills his victims in Metro carriages.

Ryuhei Kitamura


Clive Barker, Jorge Saralegui, Eric Reid, Richard Wright, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi


Jeff Buhler


Clive Barker


Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb, Brooke Shields, Roger Bart, Ted Raimi, Vinnie Jones, Ben Stiller


Johannes Kobilke, Robb Williamson

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Lakeshore Entertainment, Lionsgate, Midnight Picture Show, GreeneStreet Films


1 Hour and 38 Minutes (98 Minutes)






The most terrifying ride you'll ever take



Box Office





Blood, blood, blood and blood again … It is this that remains mainly from the yperbiaio "The Midnight Meat Train" of 2008. Based on a short story by Clive Barker feature and with interesting cast, comes knocking with blood and our adrenaline soaring.

Central figures of the film is the photographer Leon seeking dynamic and vibrant photos from city life and a brutal killer who brutally kills people on evening routes Metro station using a hammer primarily. Sometime the Leon photographing the odd murderer and combining information from the newspapers for the loss of a girl in a night train, begins to suspect the particular type. The monitors and learns that he works in a hasapiko. Apart from that though, one night the Leon will witness killing operations and try to persuade the police to capture him. However, data are insufficient and the worst for the Leon is that the mysterious killer has realized as a result of the ambitious life photographer to be in danger. What hides behind the identity of the murderer? The Leon will be able to stop him and come out alive from the unexpected adventure in which he got into?

As mentioned before the film causes great impression especially for the endless gore. The many scenes of violence is so strong and powerful that shock even the most tough lover of splatter. The "heavy" Vinnie Jones is certainly suitable for the role of cold assassin with the hammer and other goodies of brutally kills its victims within the train. The sinister and icy look fits perfectly with the violent work he undertakes. The Bradley Cooper in the role of restless and decisive photographer standing at high levels. The Leslie Bibb in the role of expectant spouse is ok and there is a brief instance of charming Brook Shields.

Horror Trivia

Our own Patrick Tatopoulos was originally approached to take over directing the film but ultimately withdrew in 2006.

Often the film shows scenes of violence in slow motion so as to become more enjoyable. From the simple, some overtly problematic points in the storyline, unrealistic power of Slayer, the lack of atmosphere and mediocre finale, fatal retain "The Midnight Meat Train" in levels of just good movie like but overall as not work impresses. Gore find easily elsewhere would understandably a firm opponent of the film. If the movie was a bit more worked in other areas beyond the violent effects, probably we would have better results.

Be that as it may, however, worth seeing "The Midnight Meat Train" just for the bloodshed and tension that distinguishes it. There are some monumental scenes such as the "gomaromachia" between the murderer and the giant Quinton Jackson (best known from the "A-Team") or anguished kryftokynigito in hasapiko where Leon tries to escape from the murderer. Commenting on the allegorical "The Midnight Meat Train" would say that resembles Boulder falls, causing a temporary havoc but eventually the signs disappear relatively soon in time.

The Midnight Meat Train

Movie Highlights

  • The extermination of one could (two men and one woman) in a yperbiaio bloody crescendo where the Slayer Vinnie Jones give change!
  • The epic titanomachy between the murderer and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in the train. This is Derby and even highly ambivalent!
  • The scene that the Leon tries to escape from killer inside the hasapiko passing between Hung, slaughtered animals. The suspense in full House!
  • The chilling scene that the killer processes a victim of quarrying … eye teeth, nails and the like. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of violence temporarily cover your eyes, turn on the other or koykoylwtheite with a blanket! Not the scene for you.


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Plenty of bloodbath, imposing and convincingly menacing "evil", interesting cast, good interpretations, enough suspense.


Absurdly strong Slayer, some defective points in the scenario, a lack of atmosphere, finale below expectations.

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Dynamic and very violent horror movie that wants strong stomach to attend. Quite good but could be even better.

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