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Beast Metal-Steel Monster (1995)

Beast Metal-Steel Monster (1995)

by 25/09/2013
When a secret experiment for yperstratiwti construction goes out of control, the lives of the scientists of the Research Center to conduct the experiment is compromised. A metal beast form lykanthrwpikis – follows the experiment-soylatsarei corridors with wild moods and "Metal Beast" shows us the attack of the terrible Monster.

Alessandro De Gaetano


Frank Hildebrand, Timothy E. Sabo


Roger Steinmann, Timothy E. Sabo, Alessandro De Gaetano


Barry Bostwick, Kane Hodder, Kim Delaney, Musetta Vander


Conrad Pope

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Blue Ridge Entertainment, Prism Entertainment Corporation

Γνωστή και ως

Project: Metalbeast


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)






DNA Overload




Another film that can easily debunk over time. With the cheesy and incongruous for lykanthrwpia title, the "Metal Beast" tries to give a different perspective of the werewolves. Werewolf in steel casing well and anyone who likes gentlemen (apparently not in multiple).

After an atmospheric start in dark and foggy landscape that culminates in a bloody werewolf attack on two agents, "Metal Beast" unwrap the naive staple orientation. The secret agents of the original scene looked for in Hungary from blood werewolf serving a secret American manufacturing experiment "yperstratiwti" from the blood of the beast. They took blood-in fact one agent after another came a snack of werewolf agriemenoy-but the strabwse experiment and the volunteer (who is the surviving agent) was put into cryogenic quarantine for 20 years. In modern times the INSPIRER of the experiment expands his plan by appointing a team of scientists a secret research center to invest with metal casing the skin of frozen volunteer. Of course, this experiment goes awry resulting in the awakening of metalopoiimenoy most volunteer-werewolf to be accompanied by plenty of bloodshed in space research center.

Horror Trivia

You will find it as "Project: Metalbeast» or «Project: Metalbeast Overload DNA".

I remember the good impressions that I had left the "Metal Beast" in my teenage years whenever and I attended for the first time. Today, judging more calmly and strictly things I see many weaknesses in the film. The pattern of experiment goes awry however is not new nor the idea to create the perfect soldier and atrwtoy. However, it is not so trivial ideas that damage the Metal as ' Beast ' structural and technical information. The monster should be a highlight of the film is rather procheiroftiagmeno for the standards of the era, culminating in the failure of the ridiculous reddish eyes. Not the worst monster of horror cinema but we expected more. The gore is quite good and sophisticated but it is a pity that in some scenes the Director's camera decided to play hide-and-seek while avoiding to show detailed images of spilt blood that are implied but not disclosed in full shot. The interpretations just suffered. Disadvantages and added a large – around 40 minutes-indifferent period spent in familiar ithikologikoy type patterns without action and interest. All the broth is the werewolf attacks the metal on the premises of the Research Center which are enhanced by successful first person downloads from the eyes of lethal beast. The end is predictable and leaving the necessary implications for the continued …

Metal Beast

Movie Highlights

  • Atmospheric beginnings with its imposing dark and foggy footage and up to the dynamic first werewolf attack.


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Gore trimmed in high quantities, the noteworthy shots through the perspective of lykanthrwpoy that intensify the threatening atmosphere.


Moderate construction beast, large spaces for no reason of existence.

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If you want to ' did you see everything in the category of lykanthrwpwn then you could tick and this film that presents a different than we are accustomed to a werewolf. Those who don't won't, however, lykanthrwpiko terror don't try better.

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