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Mayhem-Shudders (2001)

Mayhem-Shudders (2001)

by 06/09/2014
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Γνωστή και ως

Suspended Animation


1 Hour and 52 Minutes (112 Minutes)


Wrong Time Wrong Place Wrong Sisters
Will Chill You To The Bone




 Case: "Mayhem" revolves around the dramatic adventure of a Director who initially falls victim to two women kanibalwn and then – after saves – struggles to find her daughter a aiming to turn to film his adventure.

suspended animationA Director (Alex McArthur) who boltare in snowy rural environment with his friends riding in their vehicles for snow, winds up a prisoner at home, two elderly women kanibalistikes with paranoid tendencies. For good fortune survives – after a bloody battle-of his friends who were searching for him and returns slightly injured in his real life. The adventure lived has become well though and poses designed to locate the lost daughter of one of the two female kanibalwn. Through this acquaintance is seeking a possible "vivid" cinematic depiction of gruesome history.

Excellent idea like scenario but with makeshift and overloaded run. The independent "Mayhem" is an uneven film horror/thriller somehow presenting two movies in one. At first, earliest (and best) part of witnessing the agonizing hostage of Director of women cannibals, the painful attempt to outsmart and save and end the adventurous rescue from his friends which closes with the whopping shot of a surging avalanche. Beyond when starting the "philosophical" protagonist's concerns and particularly the labyrinthine research for the lost daughter of kanibaloy and his involvement in her life, the plot stretching desperately inserting a bunch of parapanisiwn ideas and unrealistic scenes that ruin what good had been built in the first place.

Horror Trivia

The American title of the film is "Suspended Animation". This is the ninth full length movie of Director John D. Hancock and based on novel by Dorothy Tristan.

The direction of an experienced D. John Hancock (Bang the Drum Slowly, The Twilight Zone series, etc.) periodically reminds Threepenny telemovie lacking inspiration and dynamics. The naive, non-believable twists of the script, not so kalogrammenoi dialogues and the absurdly long damage the "Mayhem" which would be better to develop the first nightmarish place without lengthy sauces of the rest of the project. However, the finale (which should have come earlier) offers generous doses of suspense and violence despite the presence of minimum kakotopiwn and here, keeping upright the footage from the steady downward trend until then.

In conclusion the "Mayhem" resembles a boat while it started its journey on a steady course and with good mate, then somewhere it lost its course and ultimately sailed for long wayward. A pity because we have missed a good chance for a thriller that would look in the eyes of many famous suspense films.


Movie Highlights

  • The creepy cut a small finger.
  • The unpredictable and exciting finale.

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Very good first part, anguished and violent finale.


Bloated Kakoftiagmeno and second part.

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Uneven thriller with excellent first part and problematic second.

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