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May-the Angel of evil (2002)

May-the Angel of evil (2002)

by 28/10/2015
The "May" tells the dramatic story of a lonely and broken woman who works in a hospital. The girl's rejection by friends and sexual partners would result in an incredibly violent outburst.

Lucky McKee


Marius Balchunas
Scott Sturgeon


Lucky McKee


Angela Bettis
Jeremy Sisto
Anna Faris
James Duval


Jaye Barnes Luckett

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

2 Loop Films


1 Hour and 33 Minutes (93 Minutes)






If you can't find a friend... make one.
Be Careful... She Just Might Take Your Heart.



Box Office

$150.277 ( έως 09/07/2011)




The first work of elpidoforoy director Lucky McKee is probably the best so far. The reason for the ' May ', a special horror movie with strong elements of black comedy that was released in the early nineties winning accolades of critics worldwide. Cheering that in general the worthy though it may be slightly overstated on the excitement of the moment.

The title of the film is also the name of prwtagwnistrias. The May be mentally disturbed girl who lived difficult childhood. Little troubled parents, little amblyopia who tormented makes smooth integration into society. The concept of friend or friend has always been foreign to her. Only friend was a doll enclosed in transparent box that had donated her mother.

The adult phase of life and watching, the young girl tries to improve contact with people but often the fate of earmarks mishaps and xenerwmata. At some point, the glass is overflowing and unexpected deterioration of the unique "friend", triggered a series of violent and harmful events that will affect all the people with whom he May as well as the same.

Horror Trivia

Initially, the film featured a long-lasting import with the childhood of May. Eventually it was decided to decline as the film ' love to go forward.

The "May" and not the easiest horror film to be seen. Stylistic follows cinephile and avant-garde routes without however to immerse and tricky situations or complicated skinothetikoys experiments. Undisputed protagonist of the film is … the same girl! The Angela Bettis gives a interpret her life as May. The expressions from cute and baby changing in puzzling and paranoid with appalling persuasiveness. Looks like it was made for this role and essentially the Bettis lifts the movie on the backs of almost single-handedly with distinctive comfort.

The leisurely construction of action is perhaps the main complaint I can give someone. The truth is that the ' May ' is moving slowly but obviously no lack of interesting moments and sporadic flare-ups. But when she decides to gkazwsei, compensates us in most of our filodwrwntas with rich doses of gore and paranoia. With the release of the murderous fury of the marker May shock and horror of the film is soaring. The culmination of bloody upsurge comes poetically with the completion of the project "art" was meant to cheer the troubled girl when the child of soulless "friend" lost its integrity.

Don't say more not to spoil the enjoyment for those who haven't seen it yet, though most will probably psylliastoyn easily what's going to happen. …


Movie Review Highlights
  • The scene May monitor ekstasiasmeni a film with love zombies that lies within.
  • A bloody psalidia on a victim's head.
  • A creepy cutthroat that seemed initially with buttplug.
  • The murder of one victim with stab scalpel on the temples.


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Outstanding performance by the manic leading lady, stunning scenes of murders, decadence and paranoia climate throughout most of the film.


Slow, non-believable ease with which May be eliminating some of its victims.

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One of the most paranoid horror movies of the past decade. Although moves noticeably late, at the end to compensate with one of the most dynamic and appalling aimatokylismata that we have seen in juvenile horror film.

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