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Martyrs-Martyrs (2008)

Martyrs-Martyrs (2008)

by 15/01/2014
The "Martyrs" tells the dramatic and bloody history of two young and formerly battered women, one of which he takes bloody revenge against torturers. After the carnage, one of the girls is experiencing a new awesome nightmare.

Pascal Laugier


Richard Grandpierre, Simon Trottier


Pascal Laugier


Morjana Alaoui, Mylène Jampanoï


Seppuku Paradigm

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Canal Horizons, Canal+, CinéCinéma, Eskwad, TCB Film, Wild Bunch


1 Hour and 39 Minutes (99 Minutes)


France, Canada




They did not finish to be alive...



Box Office

$1.149.138 (έως 16/06/2013)




Another surprise from streamer "usual suspect" that France has enough causing great sensation. The "Martyrs" is really a very strong and strangeness that nails both for numerous violent scenes and philosophical reflections that builds on the afterlife.

The film can be described as essentially two movies in one. In the first main part of witnessing the rabid revenge the young Lucie which having managed to escaped from a basement where some unknown the tortured horribly in childhood, returns dynamically in their dwelling to punish their former oppressors and to dispense with the vision of another tortured girl who was unable to be saved.

In the second part we watch Anna's captivity (Lucie's girlfriend who was accompanied to the carnage) from partners of the murdered Lucie's torturers and the horrible torture of procedure modeled on the torture of her friend. However, the specific torture did not constitute a simple play sadistic fun but play a deeper role associated with the response to one of the biggest questions of human existence. The unlucky Anna is summoned to experienced perhaps the most shocking experience I have ever experienced man and to look beyond the boundaries of the earthly world.

Horror Trivia

The film belongs to the cinematic tide called "New French Extremity" and developed in French cinema from the beginning of our century. Characterize the widespread violence, sexy naked shots and intense psychoses. Other well-known French horror movies included in this stream are the Baise-moi (2000), In My Skin (2002), Haute Tension (2003), Sheitan (2006), Frontiere (s) (2007) and many others.

The "Martyrs" is one of those films that cannot be categorized easily. Despite identifying relevant data with movies like "Hostel" for example, can be proud for its own separate identity. The excessive violence is common in many horror films but at "Martyrs" this shocking is the justification of the criteria that refer to senior, yperbatikoys purposes. The script is diabolically inventive, run great, the actors respond in the best possible way in their work and the finale is mysterious and unsettling at the same time.

Strong stomach required to withstand the violence of the film since it become "martyrs" (and we!) of many brutal incidents like a crushing head with a sledgehammer, a bloody tie punching an unlucky girl-victim of torture, and a creepy, abrasion surgical shock. If I could describe the two places I would describe the first "staggering", full of dynamic, gory scenes and the second ' philosophical ', without however devoid of violence. No good to stand another on signs and descriptions. Just enjoy the sensational experience that only notable films like "Martyrs" have the potential to offer.


Movie Highlights

  • The Dou of Lucie at home of former torturers are real dynamite. With shotgun and sledgehammer allows them to understand who is boss now!
  • The troubled girl who dominates the imagination of ' Lucy ' causing injuries and insanity!
  • The creepy rip-off towards the end of the movie!
  • The shocking and puzzling finale lends itself to many speculations and mantepsies on the part of the Viewer.


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Martyrs (2008)

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The excessive violence and intelligent justification, very good performances of the actors, the relentless tempo of the first "part" of the film, the shocking finale!


Find negative in this particular film. Maybe the second part to tire a bit with the slower pace but this is likely due to the explosive first place us riveted. The finale though shocking may be considered too steep by some.

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Terrible experience immersive and shocker as few horror movies, mainly due to the extensive hard scenes. Its justification of violence sends the movie into other levels of high intellect and compensates us with its originality.

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